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Café Industrial

Ostrava, Moravskoslezský Kraj, Czech Republic | SELF

Ostrava, Moravskoslezský Kraj, Czech Republic | SELF
Band Alternative Jazz


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Their album OSTROVY (ISLANDS) comes out on January 11, 2011. Under the supervision of experienced music producer Peter Binder, they have managed to cut material that would convince scores of brave sailors that not every castaway is forlorn. The songs on Islands sail through your alerted ears, landing you in a world of peace and calm, where everything can be a bit different from reality, where coming to a bad end is not the goal of the normal course of life, where you have time on your hands and not vice versa.

Twelve songs - twelve islands. Different waters wash up against each, different birds sing on each, the wind blows in different directions, different feet tread upon them. Volcanoes spew forth on some, others have quietly shifting sand dunes, while still others only the blue eye of a lagoon to ponder the sky overhead. Everybody is a fixed retreat in the middle of an ever-changing sea of ebb and tide and the confusion of today’s world. The imaginary bridges between the islands allow the band to overcome the boundaries of musical genres with the ease and grace of seagulls circling above the bay.

Come with us for not quite an hour of repose and forget that tomorrow morning you have to get up at half an hour before the bus comes, that you still have to get those invoices for last month ready, or that Christmas is around the corner yet again. Appreciate the fine play on words in the lyrics and the powerful atmosphere of songs constructed on a simple but very effective musical foundation. Absorb the energy of the album and the wattage whizzing by your ears as you stand on a tram island in the middle of an erupting Island.

ISLANDS awaits you with open arms; it just takes courage and a wave at the boatman.



The band Café Industrial was founded in the spring of 2002 in Ostrava, the Czech Republic. Since that time the instrument lineup has changed, as have the musical directions the band experiments with. All of it can be seen in the originality of the songs in the group’s repertoire. The current lineup of Café Industrial consists of: František Kuca - guitar and vocals; Ondrej Pyš - bass and vocals; Viktor Doricák - drums, percussion and vocals; Veronika Vlcková - flute.

Café Industrial defies classification in any genre with its mix of jazz, rock, electronic and ambient music. Their performances are charged with suspense and dynamic expression, and therefore easily find admirers both in clubs and on stage at large festivals. Café Industrial enjoys the feel of the locations where it plays and uses that quality to create a genuine interaction with the venue and audience, thereby blurring the boundaries between stage and auditorium, and giving listeners the opportunity of becoming part of everything that occurs on stage.

In the short time of its existence the group has been honored with several major awards, has played live on Czech Television, earned a slot in the prestigious Colours of Ostrava festival and at other important events, not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad. The group regularly performs on the show “Musical Safari with Café Industrial” at the Temple Club on Stodolní Street in Ostrava, where it is never wanting for interesting guests. Café Industrial has played with Buty at the Roxy Club, stood with Iva Bittová on stage before the Danish group Valravn, launched openings at the Manes or in Parliament, and represented the Ostrava music scene in the candidacy of Ostrava for the title of European Capital of Culture 2015.

The music of Café Industrial searches for inner feelings and experiences, for nature and minor miracles, which often remain hidden or overlooked in the everyday bustle of life. The moods of individual songs have a natural way of spilling over between intimate surroundings and animal-like outpourings of emotion. All members of the group have a hand in their original artistic creations. The lyrics are in Czech.