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"Hell Destroyer cd reviews (worldwide)"

HEAVY magazine (Germany) 12/12 - 1 on SOUNDCHECK chart (CD of the Month)

Hell Destroyer is a teriffic concept album where GAGE find complete musical expression. To me it´s the power metal album of the year!”

METAL AGE magazine (Germany) 1 on SOUNDCHECK chart (CD of the Month)

Hell Destroyer, is cumulative and uninhibited power and to me already the best album in 2007!

METAL HAMMER magazine (Germany) (Album Tipp)

“NWoBHM-influenced top class US power metal, interesting for fans of Judas Priest or former Queensryche, Crimson Glory and Agent Steel!”

METAL REVIEWS webzine (Switzerland) (CD of the Month)

Anyway you look at it the band has more or less found the perfect combination of raging riffs, blistering solos, melodic and harmonized mid-placed leads, and incredibly intense rhythm playing coupled with dynamic and engaging vocals!

POWER METAL webzine (Denmark) (CD of the Month)

REVELATIONZ webzine (Denmark) (CD of the Month)

It is a gratifying feeling to discover music such as this in this day and age. Cage play Heavy Metal with so much spirit it makes me think of the glory days of Judas Priest, Savatage and Iron Maiden. No small comparison indeed. The band is hungry and they do the absolute best with the material they have.

ROCK TIMES webzine (Germany) (Tipp CD)

This album should cause a wave of enthusiasm among all fans of traditional metal. I am sure it will outshine almost every other release of 2007!”

ANCIENT SPIRIT webzine (Germany) (Tipp CD)

TREEHOUSE OF DEATH webzine (Greece) (Kitten Killer CD)

METAL MESSAGE webzine (Germany) (10/10)

MORDOR webzine (Mexico) 10/10

HEAVY METAL PORTUGAL webzine (Portugal) 10/10

FROSTER webzine (Ukraine) 10/10

HOLY STEEL webzine (Italy) 10/10

THE FORGOTTEN SCROLL webzine (Greece) 10/10

METAL OBSERVER webzine (Canada) 10/10

METAL ZONE webzine (Denmark) 6/6

WALLS OF FIRE webzine (Germany) 5/5

Hell Destroyer is maybe the best traditional metal album of the last years and hopefully the album to reward Cage with the well-deserved success!“

VAMPSTER webzine (Germany) 5/5

HEAVY HARDES webzine (Germany) 5/5

The Hell Destroyer is a true piece of heavy metal, entertaining and fun like hell...!

ZONIKA magazine (Mexico) 5/5

FRIDAY THE 13TH webzine (UK) 5/5

ZEROVARIUS webzine (Spain) 5/5

CONCRETE WEB webzine (Belgium) 98/100

METAL TO INFINITY webzine (Belgium) 92/100

METALFAN webzine (Holland) 92/100

MELODIC ROCK webzine (Australia) 91/100

METAL ARCHIVES webzine (Russia) 90/100

HELLSPAWN webzine (Belgium) 89/100

AARDSCHOK magazine (Holland) 86/100

DIGITAL STEEL webzine (Holland) 84/100

HARD-HARDER-HEAVY webzine (Germany) 5.5/7

IMHOTEP webzine (Finland) 5.5/6

METALLIAN magazine (France) 5/6

SCREAM magazine (Norway) 5/6

MUSIC webzine (Switzerland) 5/6

DANGER DOG webzine (United States) 4.5/5

OSNAMETAL webzine (Germany) 4.5/5

METALEARTH webzine (Germany) 4.5/5

METAL TEMPLE webzine (Greece) 4.5/5

METAL RULES webzine (Canada) 4/5

NIGHTFALL IN METAL EARTH webzine (France) 4/5

THE METAL CRYPT webzine (Canada) 4/5

METAL2METAL webzine (Germany) 4/5

MSTOS webzine (Germany) 4/5

HEAVY METAL IT webzine (Italy) 4/5

METAL SYMPHONY webzine (Spain) 4/5

SPARK magazine (Czech Republic) 4/5

IDIOGLOSSIA webzine (Germany) 14/15

MY REVELATIONS webzine (Germany) 14/15

TWILIGHT webzine (Germany) 13/15

METAL RAW webzine (Venezuela) 9.5/10

DEIMOS 101 webzine (Mexico) 9.5/10

METAL DISTRICT webzine (Germany) 9.5/10

METAL EXPRESS RADIO webzine (Norway) 9.5/10

METAL RAW webzine (Venezuela) 9.5/10

POWER METAL webzine (Poland) 9.4/10

TREEHOUSE OF DEATH webzine (Greece) 9/10

SERCH & DESTROY webzine (Mexico) 9/10

ROCK PLANET magazine (Slovakia) 9/10

HARD ROCK webzine (Hungary) 9/10

ROCK HARD magazine (Germany) 9/10

SLEAZE METAL webzine (Germany) 9/10

ICE VAJL webzine (Germany) 9/10

SCHWERES-METALL webzine (Germany) 9/10

HEAVY METAL webzine (Germany) 9/10

BLOODCHAMBER webzine (Germany) 9/10

EVENT HORIZON webzine (Portugal) 9/10

METAL FACTORY webzine (Switzerland) 9/10

RANTS AND RAVES blogspot (Germany) 8.6/10

BRAVE WORDS & BLOODY KNUCKLES magazine (Canada) 8.5/10

ROCK METAL magazine (Mexico) 8.5/10

FIRE METAL webzine (Mexico) 8.5/10

RAFABASA webzine (Spain) 8.5/10

GLOBAL DOMINATION webzine (Sweden) 8.5/10

VIOLENT MOSHGROUND magazine (Holland) 8.5/10

METAL GLORY webzine (Germany) 8.5/10

ROCK IT magazine (Germany) 8.5/10

ALL OVER FFM ROCK webzine (Germany) 8.5/10

EUTK webzine (Italy) 8.5/10

MEGA METAL webzine (Germany) 8.5/10

METAL STORM webzine (France) 8.2/10

WHIPLASH webzine (Brazil) 8/10

THE STREETS webzine (Norway) 8/10

METAL EAGLE webzine (Greece) 8/10

ART ROCK webzine (Sweden) 8/10

DARK NATION webzine (Switzewrland) 8/10

ROCK UNITED webzine (Finland) 8/10

ROCKUM webzine (Peru) 8/10

RRRZ webzine (Germany) 8/10

HM BREAKDOWN webz - Worldwide

"Darker Than Black cd reviews (worldwide)"

HEAVY magazine (Germany)

Score : 12/12

#1 Album of the Month (Soundcheck March 2003)

Bei manchen Bands hofft man, daß sie sich von Platte zu Platte steigern und sie enttäuschen einen dann doch herbe. Bei anderen ist man sich fast sicher, daß sie es nicht schaffen werden, sich noch mal zu steigern. CAGE gehörten für mich nach ihrem letzten Hammer ŒAstrology‚ in die zweite Kategorie und ich bin ehrlich begeistert, daß der Fünfer aus San Diego meinen Pessimismus mit ŒDarker Than Black‚ mit spielender Leichtigkeit weggefegt hat. Denn dieses Album ist ein absoluter Oberhammer! Perfekter als mit ŒDarker Than Black‚ kann man den Terminus ≥Power Metal„ heutzutage wohl nicht definieren. Die enthaltenen zehn Meisterwerke schreien mit jeder Note nur eins: POWER! Obwohl sie sich in der klassischen Schnittmenge zwischen JUDAS PRIEST (zu ŒPainkiller‚-Zeiten) und alten SAVATAGE bewegen, haben es Übersänger Sean Peck und seine Mannen geschafft, ein Album zu kreieren, das nicht eine Sekunde lang altbacken, sondern jederzeit mitreißend und frisch klingt. Geführt von einer kompromißlosen Grundhärte variieren CAGE gekonnt die Geschwindigkeit von stampfendem Midtempo zu rasend schnellem Speed und beweisen außerdem ein untrügliches Gespür für eingängige Melodien, die aber nie langweilig und ausgelutscht klingen. Irgendwas anderes als die Höchstnote wäre hier Blasphemie!

METAL RULES webzine (Canada)

Score: 5/5


Ok, so the final judgement of this year's metal offerings may yet be some six months premature, but I'm sure that at year's end, two albums will be key forces in the final battle: the monstrous true power metal releases of Grave Digger's RHEINGOLD or Cage's DARKER THAN BLACK, both reviewed here this month.

Formed in 1992, Cage has been kicking around the Southern California underground metal scene for over ten years now, but it wasn't until 1998 that this true power metal quintet marked the release of their first album, UNVEILED. The band's next album, ASTROLOGY, stepped up in all departments, especially the speed and songwriting, making it one of my top 20 albums of 2000. With the release of DARKER THAN BLACK, Cage have exceeded all of my expectations for the album; in fact, they shattered them.

DARKER THAN BLACK certainly lives up to its title. Cage's third album is by far their heaviest, darkest work to date, and is a textbook example of the pure essence of heavy metal: no shortage of speed, heaviness, or melody. Guitarists Dave Garcia and Anthony Wayne McGiness offer up a platter of chugging, head-bangable riffs, and powerfully catchy hooks with a relentless battery of bass and drums provided by the two Mikes: Mike Giordano and Mike Nielsen. As if this merciless assault of musicianship was not enough, there's still the talent of vocalist Sean Peck to reckon with. This guy can give Dickinson, Halford, and Harry "Tyrant" Conklin all a run around. Why he is not lauded with those vocalists is beyond me. His range, power, and control are each far beyond impressive.

Each element of Cages sound combines synergistically to create a sound that few bands can match. Think Judas Priest's PAINKILLER and Halford's RESURRECTION meeting some old Metal Church and ancient Savatage. Unlike most bands hearkening to the old school for inspiration, Cage does not fall into the trap of warmed-over songwriting ideas, trite subject matter, and cliched lyical slogans. Every song on DARKER THAN BLACK offers up something different, lyrically and musically. The spoken intro "Darker than Black" segues into the first real track, "Kill the Devil," leading off with a little hook that'd make Criss Oliva proud to hear before going into the "chug-a-lug" main riff, reminiscient of Halford's "Made in Hell" (it wouldn‚t surprise me if this riff was brought over as a gift to Cage by Roy Z, who provides the guest lead on "Winds of Destruction"). This one's one of my favourite tracks on the album, and fairly representative of what‚s to come. "Chupacabra" (lyrically based on the Mexican folk-tale of the "Goatsucker") slows down considerably. I find this one to be just a tad too slow, though the solos are very good, and Peck's vocals go from the high scream to a pseudo-growl with absolute fluidity. "Blood of the Innocent" is another great track, leading off with a Native American flute and chant intro (yup, this one‚s a tune about Indian relocation). I love the sinister bass + drum intro and later the twin guitar attack on this tune, and the Maiden-esque melody on the next one, "Eyes of Obsidian" Without a doubt, "Philadelphia Experiment" (lyrically about atomic testing), is the fastest, heaviest song on the album. The double bass kicks are furious, and the riffs catchy, ensuring a pounding of my fist in the air for the duration of the tracking. "March of the Cage" is a mid-tempo tune that picks up with some excellent soloing + harmonics starting at the 2:52 mark. Sean Peck pulls a few vocal tricks for the li - Worldwide

"Astrology cd reviews (worldwide)"

MELODIC ROCK webzine (Australia)

For all those mourning the demise of Megadeth, or wish for heavier, more consistent Judas Priest records, Cage might just be the answer you are looking for.

This Californian metal outfit play it hard and loud, but also with a lot of style. This is certainly heavy, but it has a melodic / commercial edge that bands Priest used to their advantage for years.

The album features lot of in your face screams, some sonically ear blasting guitar riffs, a heavy rhythm section and an attitude bound to attract plenty of fans.

The vocalist has a classic Halford style delivery, but with a darker tone and deeper range. With a little good PR, there is no reason why these guys can't become huge, as long as they remain as consistent as this with their songwriting, that should happen.

BOTTOM LINE: An album you can't argue with. If you did, it would jump through the speakers and strangle you to death. So play it loud and step away from the stereo. On a serious note, a very solid, very heavy American metal album.

ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of American heavy metal, fans that want their floor to shake and windows to break.


(Fantastic! Essential! You MUST own this!)

This review is a bit overdue, but you know the expression "Good things come to those who wait". :) With the power metal scene seemingly being dominated by European acts these days, it's incredibly refreshing to hear an American act blow your doors off, and Cage does this in spades. Astrology is a sophomore effort, following Unveiled (which I also enjoyed), and they up the ante with this album. If I had to sum up this album in a single phrase, it would be "classic Judas Priest for the modern age". If you like vintage Priest, Accept, Helstar, etc., you will seriously dig this disc. Sean Peck's vocals tear at you mercilessly, while you are assaulted by a dual-axe attack, and pummeled into submission by a thundering cacophony of drums. The word "intense" comes to mind. The album is solid from start to finish; my favorite tracks are Psychotically Deranged and Root of All Evil.

What makes the album even better is knowing that they are just as good, if not better, live. I've had the pleasure of seeing them twice now, and they are an act not to be missed. Their tightness, polish, and synergy live make other supposedly "metal" bands look (and sound) laughable. If you like your metal heavy yet melodic, look no further. 2001 was an excellent year for heavy metal, with some phenomenal releases; choosing my top 5 for the year was extremely tough. Astrology *barely* missed the top 5, coming in at about number 7 (it had serious consideration for the top 5), and I listened to a LOT of metal in 2001. Go out and get this CD now.


Ok, let's cut right to the chase. I won't bother with a long-winded, wordy build up because, frankly, I had never heard of Cage before receiving Astrology. After my first spin, all I could think to myself was, "Why is a bad this good sitting on a tiny label like WWIII (no offense, guys) while tepid, boring metal like Hammerfall and Falconer get the big league metal attention?." Cage rocks! This is full-blown, throttle down, intense American metal! The songs on Astrology are virtually bursting with energy, conviction, fire and fury. In this reviewer's opinion, Cage reminds me of a hybrid of Destiny's End (ok, Helstar) and early Queensryche with a dash of Sirens-era Savatage. There are plenty of dueling guitar fireworks, neo-thrashy riffing, pounding double kick-drums, and strong, wailing vocals here from start to finish. This truly is a sound beating from track one to track thirteen. Vocalist Sean Peck is a monster, combining soaring notes with gut-wrenching power. Guitarists Dave Garcia and Eric Horton blaze all over the place while the rhythm section of Mikey Niel (drums) and Mike Giordano (bass) provide a steady sonic pummeling. Highlights on this scorcher include "Echelon" with its driving verses and grooving bridge. The opening riff in "Broken Dreams" just screams classic metal before Niel's grinding groove kicks in. "Final Solution" is a barn-burner of a track with big vocals, strong riffing and a quick, sweeping guitar harmonies sprinkled throughout. Peck's voice is excellent on this and every other track. He really has an edgy, rich tone. "Psychotically Deranged" is a definite headbanger in classic, mid-tempo Judas Priest tradition. All I've said should be enough for any melodic metal fan to trade in their Iron Fire and Virgin Steele CD's to get this disc. If there is any justice in this world, Cage will be headlining a major metal fest very soon. Go get Astrology!

- Worldwide

"Unveiled cd reviews (worldwide)"

“...A barrage of blazing dual guitars, shredding vocals that would shatter glass, and an attitude that is unmatched. ...Enough to keep any metalhead satisfied.” — Doug Graff, Rockn’ A Hard Place

“Cage is a band to look out for...especially for those of you who miss the old days of screaming metal” —Metal Nightmare Magazine

“With Unveiled, Cage shows a wide vocal range ...extremely tight rhythm section ...and excellent lead runs. Definitely a band to check out.” — Rock Hard Magazine

“Especially well-written songs... follows along the lines of classic heavy metal anthems. These user-friendly songs have the hooks that will make you raise your fist in the air.” — Gregory Hagenah, SLAMM Magazine

“No speed, no thrash, just pure heavy metal.” — Iron Pages Magazine (Germany)

“Californian heavy metal in the tradition of classic bands like Judas Priest, Dio, and Malice, with influences by Savatage and Sanctuary. Superb vocals, tight songs. A must for real heavies!!” — Rising Sun, Winter ‘98

“One of the most impressive debut albums I’ve received.... A masterpiece of traditional heavy metal!!” — Snakepit Magazine

“100 out of 100... Incredible!” — Metal Club, Norway

“Best independent release of 1998” — Restless and Wild, USA

“It Smokes!! Campbell Brothers Wall of Fame!” — Hard Radio, Internet

“Great album with incredible vocals” — Friday the 13th Magazine, England

“Unveiled is a classic heavy metal masterpiece!” — Metal Underground, France

“Not copying anyone, their metal sounds fresh... Cage has the potential to become a legend. This is Heavy Metal as it should be!” — Tombstone, Greece

“Likely the next big thing in US power metal!” — Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine, CanadA “No speed, no thrash, just pure heavy metal.” — Iron Pages Magazine , Germany

- Worldwide


Unveiled (1999)

Omega Records (Europe)
Chainsaw Records (USA)

Astrology (2001)

Omega Records (Europe)
Molten Metal Records (USA)
WWIII Records (USA)

Darker Than Black (2003)

Massacre Records (Western and Eastern Europe)
Fugitive Records (USA / Canada)
The Art Records (Mexico)
Dynamo Records (Central America & South America)

Hell Destroyer (2007)

MTM Music (Western and Eastern Europe)
Destroy All Records Entertainment (USA / Canada)
Asenath Records (Mexico)
Dynamo Records (Central America & South America)




West Coast Metal Invasion…

A biography of American heavy metal band CAGE

SAN DIEGO, Ca. – September 2007…CAGE, just the name implies the image of unbreakable steel and an inescapable trap. The perfect moniker for the heavy metal leader of the next phase of heavy rock music. Critics and fans alike have tried to label or classify this 5 piece group from the glistening shores of San Diego, California, with terms like "pure millennium metal", "classic metal for the new age" or "modern day power metal". Whatever you want call them, you should also add "contagious and infectious", as they inspire people to continue to press replay when the cd is in their stereo, and " let's go see them again" when they play live.

In 1992 as grunge, despair, and flannel shirts pushed the arena metal sound of the 80's into the realm of extreme un-coolness, ironically CAGE was born. Some bands are great musicians but just don't have "it", that magic that makes certain performers special. CAGE has that "it", and it comes from following their musical hearts in an uncompromising way right from their earliest beginnings. They could have tried to follow the 3 or 4 different musical trends that have come and gone since then, but instead they wrote songs that inspired that feeling that only the sound of heavy metal can deliver.

Although a full-length cd was recorded in 1995, it has still remained un-released. It wasn't until 1998 that CAGE released their first full-length cd appropriately called "UNVEILED".

This cd had the advantage of 6 years worth of material and news quickly began to spread through the underground metal community that a new band from San Diego, California had somehow captured the magic of timeless heavy metal. CAGE had very little contacts but worked the pavement hard sending out over 300 promo packages that contained some of the most illustrious packaging an independent band had ever assembled. Backed financially by singer Sean Peck who worked in the lucrative Southern Californian real estate market, this independent band had better packaging and promotional materials than that of a band signed to a major label. More importantly though, UNVEILED was blowing people away. The reviews began coming in and they were unbelievable. The cd began selling quickly as independent distributors were contacting the band and sending cash orders in large and rapid fashion.

Then the calls started coming in from Europe. This market was unknown to CAGE but apparently they loved the cd so much that despite a massive marketing campaign, even more contacts found their way to the band. A journalist named Jurgen Tschmaler saw something in CAGE and believed that they could be the start of something huge. Unbeknownst to the band, Jurgen entered them in a prestigious best-unsigned band contest for the Germany based ROCK HARD magazine. The winner of the competition would be awarded the opportunity to play at the world famous DYNAMO Open Air festival in Holland. The competition for 1999 had over 600 bands competing and the winner was selected by the fans votes, not the critics. CAGE has always been a band of the people and this competition was no exception as CAGE won the contest by over a 2 to 1 margin.

CAGE was on their way to play the DYNAMO Open Air festival in Holland, which was headlined by METALLICA that year. As they prepared for their biggest show ever, the calls from record labels began pouring in. The competition had carried with it a lot of exposure as the winning song SHOOT TO KILL was featured on a cd that came with the magazine. Something like 80,000 copies were distributed and SHOOT TO KILL was the first song on the cd. After months of negotiations, CAGE settled on the small but effective independent German record label OMEGA RECORDS, who made them the number one band on the label. CAGE signed their first record deal immediately after their ripping performance in front of an estimated 8,000 at the 1999 DYNAMO Open Air festival. CAGE had delivered a performance that sent shockwaves through the metal press, as a virtual unknown had stolen the show in the eyes of many journalists.

Being one of the few remaining metal bands in Southern California at that time had certain advantages. CAGE was able to hone their live skills in front of huge crowds on a consistent basis by opening for virtually every touring metal band that came through the region. Whether it was amphitheatres with IRON MAIDEN and DIO, sold out theatres with JUDAS PRIEST and DOKKEN or simply headlining on their own, CAGE always made the most of their opportunities delivering shocking power, and the instant gratification to new audiences due to their catchy yet heavy material. CAGE developed a huge fan base that kept them at the top of every promoters list because they were professional and more importantly to them, sold tons of tickets.

CAGE was clearly on their way and their string of huge local shows continued. They began writing for their foll