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"Caged - Falling Again (EP)"

Hailing from a county surrounded by fake tan, high heels, boob jobs and of course our very own Editor, Essex-based hard rockers Caged certainly don’t fit the traditional Essex stereotype. Combining pounding drum beats, flawless melodies and ear-splitting screams, Caged are a band here to show to rest of the UK that real talent can be found in Essex!

Their latest demo Falling Again contains 14 minutes of straight ear-gasms, pure and simple. The first track which is offered to us, which shares the same name as the record itself, blasts into an array of simple yet effective drum beats, and hammering guitar work, but as soon asConnor Bryan’s vocals kick in, you can immediately tell that Caged haven’t conformed to conventional hard rock. Now, although the term ‘nasally’ isn’t exactly a compliment, there is something about Connor’s nasally vocals that just works fantastically with the sound Caged are producing. And with lung-busting screams adding to the mix every now and then, Caged are a band oozing with talent.

Piece by Piece, the second track off ofFalling Again, sounds almost Papa Roachlike to begin with, demonstrating its incredible catchiness. Caged have a great variety in their sound, combining infectious melodies with hard rock elements, which makes their music extremely listenable.You Don’t Know is possibly the best track on the EP, because we can really see Caged’s heavier side coming out, with some fantastically heavy roars, and a smashing blend of double-bass pedals and solid riffs.

Demonstrating consistent quality throughout all their songs, final track Every Time shows howCaged really have got what it takes to progress in the industry. Having already supported the likes of Don Broco and Fei Comodo, Caged have got the class and determination to really get their name out there, and get heard. If you haven’t already, go and check them out, because these guys will be around for a long time.
- Hevypetal


Let Go EP - 2010
Falling Again EP - 2011



Formed in 2009, Caged are an up-and-coming hard-rock outfit from Essex. Caged recorded their first EP entitled "Let Go" in 2010 and recently released their second demo entitled "Falling Again".

Combining bone-crushing riffs with harmonized melodies seemed like an obvious choice for this young quartet and they manage to execute the fusion wholeheartedly. Conforming to predictable performances and conventional formulas however, definitely did not tempt Caged in the slightest. Intricate guitar solos flow effortlessly over a landscape of pounding drums without sacrificing their captivating vocal hooks or rock solid riffs. The Essex Four-Piece deliver a much-needed injection of adrenaline back into the veins of a dying local music scene leaving only roomfuls of thankful rock fans behind after each new destructive performance.

Caged have supported established and rising acts across the Essex area such as Don Broco, Fei Comodo and NeverMeansMaybe. Boasting a flexible set and a growing inventory of great songs, Caged are gradually building a loyal fan base and are always interested in expanding their influence across the UK. Whilst world domination may not be an imminent reality, you would have to be extremely short-sighted to assume that this band is going to disappear any time soon