Cages of Gold

Cages of Gold

 Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Cages of Gold is a prime example of what happens to a group of kids who are raised during the grunge era and then discover a wide array of music from the past. The basic ingredient is a new classic rock/pop sound mixed with a slight twist of grunge.


Cages of Gold was formed by guitarist/vocalist Benjamin Fields and his older brother drummer Robert Fields after the popular underground Louisville, KY rock band Cricket disbanded in early 2009. They added long time friend and bassist Steven Hughes (formerly in the band Dead Nettle) and a second guitarist Joseph Webb (from the electronic pop group Hippiedigger) to form a four piece. The group is currently working on their debut record at Welcome to 1979 studios in Nashville, TN with recording engineer Chris Mara.


Snow In The Spring Single (2010)

1) Snow In The Spring

Set List

The set is usually 45-60 minutes long but we have enough material to play longer than that if need be.