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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | INDIE | AFM

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States | INDIE | AFM
Band Pop Adult Contemporary


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"Cagle & Nash 'Pick Up the Phone' and Release Highly Anticipated Multi-Genre Indie Album 'Soul Complete'"

Even before the official release of their first album "Soul Complete", Cagle & Nash has become a new musical sensation with their "Pick Up the Phone" being played on several radio stations across the nation and two syndicated shows. With the music spanning several genres - including soul, R&B, Pop, and smooth jazz - Soul Complete is being released by Indie label Churchill-Nash Records and can be purchased through, DigStation, iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon MP3, Napster or independent record stores everywhere.

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) March 17, 2009 -- Indie recording label Churchill-Nash Records announced today that the debut album from Cagle & Nash entitled "Soul Complete" is now available to purchase online and in music stores everywhere.

Even before the launch of their initial album, Cagle & Nash has become an Indie sensation. Singles off the record such as "Pick Up the Phone", have been showcased on radio stations throughout the United States and two syndicated shows, and the group has already drawn comparisons to many musical greats such as to Steely Dan, John Legend, Michael Buble, Donald Fagen, Hall and Oats and the Bobby Blue Band to name a few.

The long list of comparisons may come from the wide range of musical genres Cagle & Nash perform in. From soul to pop, to R&B to jazz, Cagle & Nash enjoy playing in all types of music without being confined to one, said songwriter/producer partner Rick Nash.

Nash focuses his instrument chops on trumpet/flugelhorn, with Greg Cagle primarily on vocals and guitar, piano & sax. Both work closely together to create the awesome arrangement and production value.

One of the reasons for the great intrigue in the new band is this is not the first time Cagle and Nash has collaborated together. They have known each other since meeting in high school in Concord, NC, and have played together on and off since then, but this is the first time they are the leading musicians together.

"Cagle and I have been friends and fellow musicians in various bands since the age of 15" Nash said. "Greg and I always kept in touch, but then last year we discussed for the first time working together as a team and we decided on a concept and discussed the tunes and planned the arrangements and production and dove in feet first."

Nash continued: "It has been a very rewarding relationship and we decided that there we have a lot more ideas just chomping to be recorded as soon as this CD is released."

The group worked together for nine months on the arrangements of 11 songs, all of which could be a leading single in their own right. That makes "Soul Complete" an early favorite for the unofficial label as best Indie albums to listen to from start to finish

Cagle said: "I am having more fun with music than I've ever had and I expect it to continue."

For more information, visit their MySpace page or

Mary Charles
Churchill-Nash Records
info (at) churchillnash (dot) com

- PR Web

"REVIEW: Soul Complete by Cagle & Nash"

Cagle and Nash – Soul Complete

Revue Date August 31, 2009

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – Every now and then you find a cd that has everything – Soul Complete by Cagle and Nash falls into that elite category.

The essence of a great tune is that it is created with such simplicity you think you could write a similar one ourself.

Greg Cagle and Rick Nash are brilliant tunesmiths – there’s no doubt about that.

There are eleven songs on the cd and each one stands alone in its own right.

Right from the first track Pick Up The Phone, you start thinking Chicago and Steely Dan – not to compare but the musical brain has to focus on something seemingly familiar.

Soul Complete has a freshness and excitement about it that it makes you look forward to each new track.

Greg Cagle has a voice that drags you into the very core of a lyric. Rick Nash’s trumpet work gives a solid foundation for the lush arrangements of the songs.

This is without doubt the best vocal album I have heard this year. The whole cd is a winner as far as I am concerned, but my favourite tune is Sentimental About Everything. I love the way Kenneth Leonard Jr on organ drives the arrangement and the solo is magic to the ears.

More Love is a wonderful social commentary – the lyrics are very powerful.

We Can’t Go Back To Yesterday has a hypnotic samba beat and No One Else offers a nice change of pace.

In And Suddenly Greg Cagle does a nice duet with Di Yonna Mitchell.

Special mention should also be made of the supporting musicians who have contributed so much to this most enjoyable CD.

John Holden (Pavlov Dee)
2CCR FM 90.5,
Sydney, Australia.
- John Holden (Pavlov Dee) 2CCR FM 90.5, Sydney, Australia

""Pick Up the Phone" Hits No. 1 on Cashbox"

July 17th, 2009 - Cashbox Magazine, USA

"Pick Up the Phone" after an eighteen week steady climb jumped remained in the #1 position today for the third week in a row on the Cashbox Magazine Beach Music Top 40 Weekly Singles Charts. - Churchill-Nash Records

"Cashbox Magazine Review - SOUL COMPLETE"

Reviewed 08-05-09
Cagle and Nash
Soul Complete

Okay, here's the thing. I was told by a well known author that I had 3 seconds to grab the readers attention. How fast can you read?? GO GET THIS CD!!

Let me set the scene for you.

I was sitting in my kitchen where I keep a CD player, (there's one in every room) I popped in Soul Complete and my mood instantly changed. I wanted to go and light my oil burner and dim the lights while I listened with hopeful ears. But I waited just in case I was jumping the gun.

The first cut (Pick Up The Phone) grabbed my attention, and the rest of the CD kept my attention. That might not mean anything to you, but for someone with A.D.H.D. like myself, that means alot Honey. This project is the first for Cagle and Nash that features them as the main artists, and thank the Heavens it won't be the last.

Cut #3 (There's No Escape) sent my mind straight to J.T. from Kool And The Gang. Go Cagle!

Cut #5 (More Love), Baby let me tell you, if Cagle had just a little bit more soul in his voice, I would have sworn Marvin Gaye was sittin' in my kitchen singing to me.

When you get this CD, go straight to cut #7 (No One Else) and play it just for me. That is one of my favorites.

So I'm looking through the insert of the CD and what do I see? Cagle and Nash swapping instruments all over the place! The percussionists are to die for! The horns are sweet! It's just fabulous music and musicians everywhere! These guys make a great team and delicious music. So if you like smooth, soulful, jazzlike, R&B....don't just sit there Baby, GO GET THIS CD!!!!

1.) Pick Up The Phone
2.) December
3.) There's No Escape
4.) Anywhere You Want To Go
5.) More Love
6.) We Can't Go Back
7.) No One Else
8.) Information
9.) Sentimental
10.) By Candlelight
11.) And Suddenly

N.B. FIVE STARS - Cashbox Magazine

"Never Too Old to Get Them Shagging"

Rock Hill man's song makes waves at beach
By Andrew Dys - Columnist, The Herald

It's summer. The summer in mill cities such as Rock Hill even if the mills are dead, the legacy remains means “the beach.” The mills would close for a week and the working world would load up and go to the beach. Myrtle Beach, specifically, North Myrtle Beach and Ocean Drive, for those who loved then, and love still, beach music. That means music you can shag to.

The shag is South Carolina's state dance. It is not just a dance, it is religion to many. Rock Hill's shag club is legendary. Beach music might be this area's theme song of generations.

All that adds up to a 58-year-old guy from Rock Hill, a trumpet player in bands since he was 15 years old, having the top beach music song of them all on the Cashbox list for the past three weeks.

* GD9M6S17.2


“Pick Up the Phone,” by Cagle & Nash. The Nash is Rock Hill's Rick Nash, a mill guy in his bones from growing up in Concord, N.C., where Cannon Mills was king.

“My parents both worked in the mill,” Nash said. “We'd go to the beach, and I would peak through the boards of the fence at ‘The Pad' and watch people shag and drink beer.”

Nash played in soul bands in those teenage days — the bands including Anthony Maner and the Aqualads Review fronted by the legendary Little Earl Dawkins — that played the music of the shag that the Carolinas mill workers danced to at the beach. He went on with his life, the Navy, working for a design company, but the music remained. It remained when he went to work at Fort Mill's Muzak Co., after he moved to Rock Hill a dozen years ago.

“But I never could shag because I was up on stage playing, not dancing with the audience,” he said.

Something pulled Nash back to beach music even though he didn't even look for it. He and a buddy from those Concord music days, Charlotte banking executive Greg Cagle, started writing songs and compiling a CD. It took almost a year. A lady at Muzak remarked: “You could dance the shag to that.”

So Nash took the CD, with “Pick Up the Phone” on it, to radio stations hoping for airplay.

‘It's more smooth jazz'

The musicians didn't then, and don't now, consider it beach music.

“It's more smooth jazz, I would say,” Nash said.

“Soul, and jazz,” Cagle said.

But the deejays in the beach music universe started playing it. A lot. So much so that what started out as a jazz song with some soul thrown in has turned into this beach music hit.

Sure, these guys played at the beach for so long four decades ago. They know and love the music that is part of their heritage. But still, this song “wasn't written for the beach market,” Nash said.

“I'm not even sure I understand how it got so popular,” Cagle said.

And the topper might be that Nash has been married for 28 years to a lady named Mary Charles Nash. She's from Tennessee. Although the couple took some shag lessons one time, in all these years she has never been to Myrtle Beach, the home of beach music and the shag.

“Not even once,” Mary Charles Nash admitted.

But if the music takes off more, Mary Charles Nash said she might just take that trip and shag to her own husband's music. Along the beach where the dreams started all those years ago, and dreams of music success still are alive.

Andrew Dys 803-329-4065 - The Rock Hill Herald - Rock Hill SC

"Cagle & Nash Soul Complete Review"

Soul Complete
Churchill-Nash Records

Surfers know the high of riding wave after wave in a good set. Similarly, you too will know the exhilarating joy found track after track in SOUL COMPLETE! In this new release, Cagle & Nash have accomplished a rarity - each song stands strong on its own merit. It plays like a greatest hits album! Both men grew up in Concord, NC, which accounts for the old school R&B influence. Greg Cagle’s warm, breezy vocals make it easy to connect with the lyrics. Rick Nash plays an awesome horn embellishing each song with a bold tangibility. The fine tuned ear will find familiar A-list acts with which to compare the artistry of Cagle & Nash. What makes SOUL COMPLETE a sensational stand-out, is not one song tempts you to hit the “next track” button. You hang on every note and lyric wanting more… Cagle & Nash relentlessly delivers just that in SOUL COMPLETE. Catch the wave!

- - Listening Loft

"Cagle & Nash Win Best R&B Group Award"

Charlotte Music Awards.
By Courtney Devores
Special to the Observer
Posted: Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009

Simplified, a Charlotte-area band, includes drummer Tim Lail, front man Clee Laster, guitarist Chris Sheridan and bassist Chris Lynch.

Regional favorite Simplified was named Best Rock Band at the third annual Charlotte Music Awards on Thursday at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center's Booth Playhouse.

Charlotte's Tsunami Wave Riders picked up the trophy for Best World Music. Donna Duncan was Best Blues Artist. The band's frontman, Clee Laster, took Best Male Vocalist. Mount Holly's Jeff Luckadoo got the award for Best Country Artist. Ida Divine was named Best R&B Artist. Breakout Band was Lyra Shines, whose Julia Bullock also picked up the award for Best Female Vocalist.

Best Gospel Artist went to a vocal quartet, the Jones Brothers. Other winners included McKeve (Best Hip-Hop Artist), Bobby Ray (Best Singer-Songwriter), Mike Soden (Best Club DJ), and The Groove Masters (Best Jazz Artist).

Additional SonicBids artist awards were given to Charlotte's Cagle & Nash (Best R&B Group), Charleston's Daniel D (Best Jazz Artist), Cornelius' Cici Jansen (Best Country Artist), and Phoenix's Matt Annecharico (Best Pop Artist). "Jiberish" rapper DRE' Money received the Producer's Choice Hip-Hop Award. Fourteen-year-old pop singer-songwriter Jaz received the Junior Charlotte Music Award for Best Pop Artist. Harding University High School's Marching Band of Gold was named Best Marching Band.

Jody Sullivan, Julia Dixon, Jared Stamey, Al Gardner and the N.C. Music Hall of Fame all received special recognition. Lifetime Achievement awards were given to James Foxx and James McGill.

Other non-artist awards: "The Carolina Promoter" (Best Publication), WEND-FM 106.5's Divakar (Best Radio DJ), Studio East (Best Recording Studio), Puckett's Farm Equipment (Best Small Live Venue) and Blocktoberfest (Best Charlotte Festival).

- Charlotte (NC) Observer

"2009 Charlotte Music Awards Winners"

2009 Charlotte Music Awards winners

November 20th, 2009 by Jeff Hahne

Here’s a list of the winners from last night’s Awards show:

Lifetime Achievement Awards — James Foxx, James McGill
Special Recognition — Al Gardner, NC Music Hall of Fame, Jared Stamey, Jody Sullivan, Julia Dixon
World Music Artist — Tsunami Wave Riders
Blues Showcase – Donna Duncan
Country Showcase – Jeff Luckadoo
R&B Showcase – Ida Divine
Hip Hip Showcase – McKeve
Breakout Band – Lyra Shines
Gospel Showcase – The Jones Brothers
Rock Band – Simplified
Jazz Band – Groove Masters
Female Vocalist – Julia Bullock (Lyra Shines)
Male Vocalist – Clee Laster (Simplified)
Music Publication – The Carolina Promoter
Radio DJ – Divakar
Producer’s Choice – Dre Money
Marching Band – Harding University High School
SonicBids Country – CiCi Jansen
SonicBids Pop – Matt Annecharico
SonicBids R&B – Cagle & Nash
SonicBids Jazz – Daniel D
Recording Studio – Studio East
Small Music Venue – Puckett’s Farm Equipment
Charlotte Festival – Blocktoberfest
Singer/songwriter – Bobby Ray
DJ- Club – Mike Soden
Junior Pop Artist – Jaz - Creative Loafing Magazine

"REVIEW: Cagle & Nash "Soul Complete""

Surfers know the high of riding wave after wave in a good set. Similarly, you too will know the exhilarating joy found track after track in SOUL COMPLETE! In this new release, Cagle & Nash have accomplished a rarity - each song stands strong on its own merit. It plays like a greatest hits album! Both men grew up in Concord, NC, which accounts for the old school R&B influence. Greg Cagle’s warm, breezy vocals make it easy to connect with the lyrics. Rick Nash plays an awesome horn embellishing each song with a bold tangibility. The fine tuned ear will find familiar A-list acts with which to compare the artistry of Cagle & Nash. What makes SOUL COMPLETE a sensational stand-out, is not one song tempts you to hit the “next track” button. You hang on every note and lyric wanting more… Cagle & Nash relentlessly delivers just that in SOUL COMPLETE. Catch the wave!

~BROOKS WALKER - - Listening loft


Soul Complete - Cagle & Nash (released May, 09) - "Pick Up the Phone" is currently getting airplay on several indie and syndicated radio shows and "Sentimental About Everything" is charting on Cashbox Magazine's Chart. Other songs with airplay on the smooth jazz charts are "More Love", "Information", and "December".

Celebrate the Holidays (SINGLE) - Cagle & Nash (featuring Robyn Springer and Daniel Domenge)

"Loungevity" - Cagle & Nash (released March 2010 on Churchill-Nash Records)

Untitled - Cagle & Nash (new Soul CD scheduled for late 2010 release)



About Cagle & Nash

Cagle and Rick Nash both grew up in the town of Concord back when it was hip to listen to cats like James Brown and Otis Reading and Wilson Picket. They music they played together back then continued as Cagle lured Nash to UNC-Charlotte where Cagle went for Theater stuff and Nash was chasing that Music Composition dream

Cagle continued to build his catalog of original material and honing his composing and arranging skills while Nash went on to study studio recording and production under non other than , Engineer on projects of R.E.M, , James Brown fame. Cagle and Nash’s musical relationship brings us to the latest musical journey – their best effort yet. Nine months of working on arrangements of 11 songs that are almost each and everyone a “single” release in their own right, has wrought a project of 11 songs about love and love lost and love found entitled “Soul Complete”.

The "Soul Complete" CD is some of the smoothest soulful jazz you will hear and will show you influences as varied as Donald Fagen (and Steely Dan), Michael McDonald, John Legend, Michael Buble. And with guest appearances by Robyn Springer and Di Yonna Mitchell you are going to hear some Mysa, and Roberta Flack influences. Bottom line is this could be one of the most talked about new releases in the the Smooth Jazz and Vocal Jazz genres in a long time. It is classic without being dated. Fresh and exciting yet soulful, smooth and singable. And most definitely danceable.

"Celebrate the Holidays" is the new single release from the duo that was written with the passion that no one writes good Holiday songs anymore so "Celebrate the Holidays" is the Cagle & Nash answer to that common cry. This is the kind of Holiday song that is destined to be a classic that will be duted off every Christmas Holiday season. It's s song about decorating the tree, family and friends and the good things in life. A perfect vocal duet blend with Robyn Springer and Cagle singing those fantastic melody lines and support from wonderful arrangement including the string arrangements by renowned 's Produce ! And to put that final star decoration at the top of the tree is a beautiful solo by French Jazz Guitarist Daniel Domenge.

The Cagle & Nash performing dynamic has holding down the lead vocals and delivering quite unique rhythm guitar and lead fills. Rick Nash covers the trumpet and flugelhorn playing those tight arrangements that Cagle & Nash music is noted for. The remainder of the performing group can consist of as intimate as Bass Guitar and aux. percussion to as large as full with two guitars and two keyboards as well as three piece horn section and three backup singers.