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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music



"Music sounds great guys, i'll be watching you at the show!"
-Soulfly's Marc Rizzo,
on Caidema's show with Soulfly

" have to be honest most nu hard bands suck .........You guys sound good man.........Keep it up! Later J.R. Goldman."
-J.R. Goldman,
Famous guitar teacher for Munky and Head of KORN and ORGY

"Your shit is tight"
-Korn's James "Munky" Schaeffer
"thanks man,

we'd love to have ya, we have been writing and we should be recording the second album soon. keep at it, your band sounds killer. dig it.
-Dropbox lead singer, John Kosco

"Merry Meet Caidema, You guys kick serious Arse! Dayum I am amazed! The riffs and beats are killer....You guys should come to New Orleans when ofcourse it is back to normal...Would love to hear you guys play live! Keep it sick! And oh humm lemme know when you guys have a cd out so I can purchase it."
-Missy, MySpace User

"Yeah I was at Warped Tour in Mass and I was leavin I was walkin by this dudes car and he was like "Yo take this its Eminems new shit!" it turned out to be your demo. As I was walkin away he yelled to me "I like that girl on the cover!" But yeah once I got back to my friends car I put it in and u guys rock."
-Frappo, MySpace user

"I freakin LOVED the cd its the SHYT thnx so much guys its the greatest! love ya guys"
-MySpace user

"yo saturday is gunna be fuckin sick iv told all my friends on myspace to make them jealuse i still cant believe caidema is coming to my fuckin party its gunna be so ill!!!!!!"

-Mike, 15 year old fan

"These are so slammin' !!"
-Michael Patzig, Producer

"Thanks for the request. Love the sound fellas. To hell with all the snatch-rock BS. This is how rock is supposed to sound."
- Sleeping Giants
"WHOOOO!!! ... >>> You guys are awsome ... >>>"
-MySpace user
"Hey guys, great show last night! Hope to see you back in the area sometime soon! Keep rockin'.."
-MySpace user
"out of all the unsigned bands that I look at on myspace, u guys are the ones that keep surprising me and kicking ass!
the new songs are sweet, keep it up!"
-MySpace user
-MySpace user

...and many more, too many to list!
- From MySpace and beyond....


The Days Are Numbered (demo) - 2005
Kay-Deh-Muh (demo) - 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


Caidema's complex, very often melodic, blasting metallic rock transforms bits of thrash, rock, and acidic blackness into cohesive, pummeling compositions that occasionally break down and groove. All of their songs contain singalong-worthy bellowing from charismatic singer Matthew "Vortex" Beausoleil, who performs live with ferocious pomposity worthy of huge stadiums. The band's determination, presence, and flair have set them apart from the rest of the Connecticut local pack, ensuring that the scene stays vital through necessary and constant evolution.

The band formed in 2004 in New Hartford, CT, around Beausoleil, guitarist Matthew Albano, the only original members still a part of the Caidema lineup since co-founder drumm Patrick Cistulli having left the band in summer of 2006. They released a single and a Sampler CD primarly being sold through the internet. Caidema was then able to gain radio airplay in the local band hour and also as background music for a Hooters commercial. At this time, the band consisted of Beausoleil, Cistulli, bassist Dave Hoyt, and guitarist Matthew Albano, who also performed bass duties in the decidedly metalcore Southington, Connecticut band, Shroud of Turin, respectively. This lineup recorded a song demo at Aliehn Recording Studios released in 2005, the quickly distributed and sold a respectful 1,3000 copies. They contributed a track to WCCC's Angry Chair Ozzfest compilation which garnered some major buzz.

Caidema spent the latter half of 2005 writing 25 songs and spending the majority of the year playing as many shows as possible throughout the year. At the onset of 2006, Hoyt left the band with Massachusettes native Jason Scott replacing him. The fashionable Hartford County rock outfit next recorded two well produced tracks with professional record company producer and enginger Michael Patzig who recently produced Hard Rock band Livin Trust's full length major label debut. Patzig has also worked on albums for the likes of Staind and other major label acts.

Then In July of 2006 as the band were offered a major slot on that summers Locabazooka festival featuring Alice In Chains and more, drummer Pat Cistulli decided to part ways with the band for personal reasons which left the band in a numb shock. Then two weeks later Beausoleil and Albano parted ways with bass player Jason Scott.

The Caidema songs featured on the bands MySpace page garnered the band glowing praise from ex-Adema frontman and brother of Korn's Jonathan Davis, Marky Chavez II and guitar wizard J.R, Goldman who gave lessons to dual Korn guitar gods James 'Munky' Schaffer and Brian 'Head' Welch. Remaining band members Albano and Beausoleil were quickly approached by Chavez to produce a full length album, and then play shows with his current band, Midnight Panic in Bakerfield, California.

In Nobember 2006, The remaining members of Caidema recruited former Break Thru members, drummer Brian Albetski and bassist Steven Duclos. In February 2007 longtime childhood friend and guitar prodigy Paul Thubault joined Caidema giving the band a pure bitch-slap of dual guitars. As recently proven it won't take long for Matthew 'Vortex' Beausoleil (Vocals), Matthew Ian Albano (Guitars), Steve Duclos (Bass), Paul Thibault (Guitars), and Brian Albetski (Drums) to make an impression with their aggressive hybrid of metal, pop, hardcore, and hard rock. Their warped, detuned guitars are matched by pounding drums and acidic vocals, which give the material an edge otherwise absent from other local acts.

Caidema has shared local dates with national acts in the past, such as Soulfly, New Found Glory, Flyleaf, Entombed, Crowbar, Pro-Pain, GG Allen Band, Beyond The Embrace, Overkill, Bloodsimple, Cortez, Mercy Fall, among others and more in the future. Aiming to take their music to the next level and wanting a "huge sound," the band is stonger than ever and will spend much of 2007 writing, recording, playing shows and carving a name for itself in the face of radio. You never know what will happen next.