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Cain & Abel


A shared love of music above everything else has placed Cain and Abel on the road less traveled. Growing up in the middle of nowhere has created a generous environment to construct honest music for honest ears.


Cain and Abel began as a humble side project for the Most Serene Republic (formerly Sunday League Records, now Arts & Crafts) guitarist/song writer Peter van Helvoort (ex – The Goodbye Celebration, MCODE, The Most Serene Republic). As an outlet for his own tastes in music, Cain and Abel encompassed all he held close to heart and everything he hoped his music could accomplish. With hopes of creating pop progress, Peter began to pour every ounce of energy available to begin production of Cain and Abel’s debut album “You Lost the Human Race”. Taking main influences from the Beatles, Say Anything, the Band, and everything by the Kinsella brothers, Peter set out to create something simple and beautiful.

Over the one-year period between then and the release of the album, Cain and Abel drastically changed - gaining a fan base and a change of aim after only a few shows. The album had gone from a social statement concerning how humans treat each other to a full out concept album based on our own destruction of the earth. Reading, revision, and research were constantly carried out to create an unbiased product for the listener to digest and then make their own conclusions from what they had heard.

Since the release of Cain and Abel’s first CD, the band is stronger then ever catching the eyes and ears of many people. In under a year, the band has already shared the stage with Anberlin, Mikoto, Cursed, Owen, The New Amsterdams, Silverstein, Moneen, The Junction, Sleeper Set Sail, Rescue and Sydney, have done numerous college radio appearances, have shown initiative in booking their own mini tours/landing spots on festivals like “Over the Top Fest”, have been featured in Canada’s Exclaim! Magazine as one of their bands to watch out for in the December 2005 issue and most recently have signed to Sunday League Records to release their next album “Up North”. Awake, healthy, and alert, C and A hit the road this summer with a sturdy and energetic live backbone of Jeff van Helvoort (guitar), George Gaskill Cadwallader (bass), and Kelly Bilan (drums). Cain and Abel are not changing the world they are just changing.

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You Lost the Human Race as Told by Cain & Abel" - 2005 (Indie)

Set List

TBA - consisting of original material
Sets run approx. 30-45 minutes