Cain Kelly Band

Cain Kelly Band

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The Cain Kelly Band Has established themselves as one of the must see bands in Detroit. Playing a wide range of music, there is something for everyone at a Cain Kelly show.


The Cain Kelly Band broke on to the Detroit music scene in the spring of 2004 with their electrifying energy and fantastic musicianship. Armed with their debut album, self titled: "Cain Kelly", the band began playing from down river to Oxford and from Saint Clair Shores to Westland.
Led by their dynamic front man Cain Kelly the group has been pleasing crowds all over the Detroit area with their straight classic rock 'n' roll sound. Son of local rock 'n' roll legend Kelly Franklin, Cain Kelly has come from a long line of outstanding musicians.
"We were extremely happy when our first album got released by Sun-Ray records shortly after we recorded it" said Kelly. The self titled "Cain Kelly" album has gone on to set several records in sales in the metro Detroit area and the best is yet to come because they are currently working on their follow up album with national music producer Dan Crabtree.
The Cain Kelly Band have established themselves as one of the most exciting and fun shows in metro Detroit.



We have one C.D.
self titled "Cain Kelly"
The song "thats how you know" was released as a single on the radio
We have our sophmore album that is set to be released, summer 2006.

Set List

We cover a large genre of music that is about a 50/50 split of original and covers. Sets are generally about 50 minutes.