Caithlin De Marrais

Caithlin De Marrais

 New York City, New York, USA

Caithlin De Marrais is a torch singer for a novel kind of heartache. She channels Emily Dickinson, telling truth at a slant. It’s no surprise, Cait used to be lead canary with the indie rock band Rainer Maria ('95-'06). New album, November 2010, on End Up Records. Heartbreak-ability, dance-ability.


"Time to write a new record!" -November 2009
"When will the baby sleep through the night?" -December 2009
"Honey, can you take the baby while I work on a song?" -March 2010
"Damn, Logic is hard." -April 2010
"Damn, Logic is fun." -May 2010
"Oh GarageBand, what hath you wrought?" -June 2010
"I really need some live drums on this." -July 2010
(to be continued...)


as Caithlin De Marrais
*Seb & Cait Live at Joe's (2010) (End Up Records)
*My Magic City, (2008) (End Up Records)

as Rainer Maria
* Rainer Maria (EP) (1996)
* New York, 1955 (EP) (1997) (Polyvinyl)
* Past Worn Searching (1997) (Polyvinyl)
* Look Now Look Again (1999) (Polyvinyl)
* Atlantic (EP) (1999) (Polyvinyl)
* A Better Version of Me (2001) (Polyvinyl)
* Ears Ring (EP) (2002) (Polyvinyl)
* Long Knives Drawn (2003) (Polyvinyl)
* Anyone in Love With You (Already Knows) (2004) CD/DVD (Polyvinyl)
* Catastrophe Keeps Us Together (2006) (Grunion Records)