Caitlin Daniel and the Sparrow Lilies!

Caitlin Daniel and the Sparrow Lilies!


A quirky 5 piece anomaly, Caitlin Daniel and friends avoids the frills and glamor of "chick" rock with sound instrumentation and sway-worthy guitar riffs and rhythms. Lyrically we seek to examine the more meaningful themes of the Christian life. Musically comparable to Damien Rice and Jeff Buckley.


I've been performing for over 5 years as a solo musician, but I always had an inkling that my music was better suited for a collaborative effort. I waited out the first years of college, but this semester I finally found courage enough to pursue putting a band together and rounded up some really sound musicians (kelly, jakob, avery and chris) who were kind enough to breathe necessary life into my music. It's been transformational.

We've only been playing together for a few months but our sound, which combines a little bit of ambient folk and blues with a lot of rock, is getting tighter by the week. We like what we're playing and we want to do it while we can.

We could be described as an anomaly based on the notion that we're a girl-lead band that escapes the "acoustic chick rock" label made so famous by Avrile Lavigne and Christian bands like Barlow girl. We're solid musicians, our melodies and lyrics are mature, and we try to appeal to the art of making music rather than the glamor of recognition, which is unfortunately not the case within most "girl" bands headed by "prom-queen" pretty female vocalists.

Our songs are easy to listen to and emotive - we like to make you sway, mostly in the spirit of the best Jeff Buckley and Damien Rice tunes. We just wanna be a solid, simple (and honest) rock band.

We don't have a wealth of experience, but but we're developing. We're currently experimenting with different types of percussion and other affects in hopes to further strengthen our sound.


we're currently in the pre-recording stage...

Set List

typical set list:
1. won't you stop, you're free
2. it progresses
3. dark corners
4. he thinks it's about him
5. harmonica II (on down)
6. imagine (john lennon cover)
7. Rwanda
8. a thief is a thief

the set is a 30 to 45 minute set divided between full-band efforts and small breaks with just Caitlin on electric. The set can be shortened and still retain its goodness.

We've been doing John Lennon's "imagine," and may add more covers by Jeff Buckley, as well as some blues covers, in the future.