Caitlin Gallagher

Caitlin Gallagher

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Me in nxne? Well, I'd be different. But not because I'm cute, or I'm 12. Well, I guess that would be part of it. But there must be a place, a time, in the biggest music festival around, where a 12 year old can stand up and sing some country.

have a look


I'm 12. What kind of bio can I have? That I like dogs, and frozen yogurt?

Basically, I got a guitar May 31, 2011. I played a Band Perry song in my school three weeks later. I won the CMT Music Festival Talent Search at the end of the summer. Yeah, I had blisters on my fingers.

I started singing some open mics, and after my 2 song debut at a sunday night thing called Freef'all Sundays, Tony asked me to do a feature. I put it off until the end of January, 2012, which gave me time to learn ten songs and have some time off for my birthday. Pretty much every time I play someone asks me to play somewhere else. It's Winterfolk next. But right now, I'm thinking ahead.

I'm strong, but barre chords elude me.

It helped that I'd started singing in a choir, The Toronto Children's Chorus, then the Bach Children's Chorus. They don't know I sing country.

I plan to write songs about all kinds of things, it's just they haven't happened yet.


This is where you'd read the lyrics, but it's a reason why there aren't any songs up above

Written By: no one to blame but myself

I haven't been in a recording studio, and you don't want to listen to something we recorded with a USB mic on GarageBand.

What I can offer, is some videos of me playing live. I don't belong in a studio, I'm figuring this all out, and I have got to grow. The Beatles wore out the stage at the Cavern playing 200-some times. Bob Dylan wandered around NYC (I'd love to see that place) sponging up everything and playing covers (but they weren't covers, they were folk tunes and nobody called those covers).

Elvis, he just wandered into Sun Records and recorded something and the rest is history (but it is a lot of history and i'm just 12 and i haven't learned very much of it at all).


I've got nothing but three chords and the truth. And even that's stolen. I play music live, up to now.

Set List

You Lie ( a Band Perry song)
Gravity (Alison Krauss)
Someone Like You (Adele, a friend helping out on piano or keyboard)
If I Die Young (more Band Perry)
Temporary Home (Carrie Underwood)
Hip To My Heart (my dad on mandolin helping out with more Band Perry)
All Your Life (Band Perry)
Mean (Taylor Swift)
God Bless The Broken Road (Rascal Flatts)
Butterfly Fly Away (Miley Cyrus, I get my dad to play along for this)

other songs? Something from Lady Antebellum, Glen Hansard, Dawn Landes, Dixie Chicks, Kathleen Edwards. And I love the way Sara Evans does "A Little Bit Stronger" but I don't know if it is quite right for a 12 year old (but I am, getting stronger).