Caitlin Maurer

Caitlin Maurer


My music is my best attempt to bring glory to God by returning the talents he gave me back to Him. I love to sing, and I hope that the music He has given me is a blessing to you.


My name is Caitlin Maurer. I am a follower of Christ and seek to praise Him in song. My music reflects what the Lord has done and is doing in my life. I am pleased to share this with you. He has blessed me with a wonderful husband, Josh Maurer. The song "A Cord of Three Strands" is about our relationship to each other and to God. It is based on Ecclesiastes 4:12 which states that "a cord of three strands is not easily broken." Our relationship is because of Him and based on Him. I believe that this song is a correct depiction of what a healthy love relationship with a person looks like. However, it is much different than the typical love song. Please be open to the change and let yourself really think about the words.
To let you know some of my background, I grew up in Olivet, MI. My maiden name is Russell, and I love my family. I have a mom, dad and one brother. There is also a future sister in law in the picture. On Josh's side, I have a sister in law and two more wonderful parents. We are truly loved. I have been blessed to find the Lord and my home church is in Nashville, MI. exists here too, not just in Tennessee! I now call Grand Rapids home, as I live here with my husband and we attend college at Cornerstone University. I am a double major in Contemporary Christian Music and Vocal Music Education. I am extremely excited for what is in store vocationally. There is a worship ministry on campus that I am a part of called Evensong. We lead a worship gathering every Sunday night at 9:00pm. We are hoping to be getting involved in churches in the area in the near future.
I am privileged to use music to connect with others and God. Be blessed! Love, --Cait


A Cord of Three Strands

Written By: Caitlin Maurer

A ring around my finger reminds me that I’m yours.
A love that’s young, but oh so old
A story we could never have written ourselves
Laughter and strife as life unfolds

You captivate me, Baby
You do, but not as much as He does.
So you can have my heart,
You can have my heart,
You can have my heart,
But promise me you’ll give it to Him.

I don’t want the world, your name will do
Let’s do this together, you're my best friend
Blessed by the Creator of the Universe
We will stand, hand in hand, ‘til the end

There’s so much to say;
I do, but not as much as He does.
So I will steal your heart,
I will steal your heart,
I will steal your heart,
But I promise you that I’ll give it to Him.

Fireflies, Mountainsides, a Lover’s eyes
The little things He gives us
To joy in Him and His mystery

Let’s picnic in the night, bring your guitar
We’ll sing to the King, adoring His majesty

So we will share our hearts,
We will share our hearts,
We will share our hearts
But we promise You, we promise You
We'll give them back to You.

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A Cord of Three Strands
Won't Let Go (Somaya)
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