Caitlin Smith

Caitlin Smith


My music would be considered folk with a twist. I think many of my songs could be turned into rock or alternative songs.


My music is what gets me through the day. Most of my songs are very lyrical that I base off my life experiences. My influences are Fiona Apple and Joan Baez.


Kings and Queens

Written By: Caitlin Mackenzie Smith

I remember waking up panicked as a child fear that today was going to be the day. That the ground would cave in, swallow me whole; fearing today was my final judgment day. Losing my hope was the best thing for me fearing I wouldn't be saved. That this world full of sin didn't deserve what would happen if we didn't pray.

But I believe in Kings and Queens. I believe that angels are free, to save this world full of pain and despair. I know, I know that someday, I’m going there.

I finally learned to give up on pain and regret. I have chosen a new way to live. Even though my hopes and dreams couldn't be set I finally have a better reason to give. The choices that you make define you as a person; the urges that you get make you human. The mistakes that you make when you've already learned them confessing that you can't move through them.


This isn't the end it's only the beginning we'll start off as a friend but we'll end out spinning. Learning to love is the best lesson I know. I will help you breathe if you can let me go.

Chorus Modified:
I believe in Kings and Queens and Kings and Queens. Yeah
I believe in Kings and Queens and Kings and Queens. Yeah.
I believe, I believe, I believe.