Caj-1 mixes Reggae, Hip-hop and R & B, in an irresistable style that is guaranteed to be a hit.


CAJ-1 draws inspirations from his Caribbean roots with artists such as Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff and others. He also pulls from R & B acts such as Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Brian Mc Knight and Boys to Men. Hip-hop artists that move him are Notorious B.I.G, Tu Pac, Wyclef and Jay-Z. CAJ-1 was born in the Caribbean, and in his early teens moved with his family to Brooklyn, N.Y. His delivery is clearly reggae based, but fits what ever style of music he is singing to. With this eclectic cultural mix, CAJ-1 has found a way to combine these different genres of music into a sound that is all his own.


Have Mercy On Me, Shottas, I Like That, There For You, I Know, Get It On, Bounce, Party House

Set List

Set includes three to four songs, or more if required. Can last from 15 to 30 minutes.