Cake Mountain

Cake Mountain


Suburban folk for the in-between generation fighting off the disappointment of responsibilities.


Cake Mountain began as principal songwriter Ricky Tanner split from his third band in 2 years. He compiled all his songs from these bands; a postpunk band, an indie band, and a terribly clichéd rock band, and decided to change them. His initial vision was “Arcade Fire on a shoestring”, but the songs became more devolved than that, stripping them to their bones and building them into something different, something solely of his own. The subsequent songs were kept in the same vain, the same ideas: post-folk. Suburban folk. Non-traditional acoustica. Whatever. It’s good.


August 2010, Close-Up and the Detail Single Download

July 2010, Oddly Comfortable (in a town of bastards) EP

June 2010, Live From Spare Room Studios LP

February 2010, Pedant Music LP

Set List

1 Feeling Fine
2 It Is What It Is
3 Won't Save Me
4 All The Time
5 Endlessshmendless
6 Former Mallard
7 Trouble
8 QT
10 Oh No!
11 Something Utterly
12 Today Too Late
13 The Close-Up and the Detail
14 Jogging Vs Moaning