Two sets of sisters who are songwriters and musicians and have been playing together for over 13 years. Dixie chicks meets the Corrs, Sheryl Crow.


Calaisa is a band from Sweden, Malmoe and consits of two sets of sisters. Calaisa are from the beginning influenced by irish and tradiational folkmusic and was inspired by bands like the "Rankin Family" and singer songwriter/popartists like Joni Mitcell, Sheryl Crow and The Beatles. Calaisa learned their songs by playing on the streets in their hometown, Malmö but made several trips to Dublin and made their own tours on irish pubs and on Grafton street where they found their inspiration. After 13 years together, Calaisa has developed an own uniqe sound with harmonies as their signature. Their debutalbum "Calaisa" was recorded in Ocean Way Studio in Nashville and produced by James Stroud. It was released by Universal Music, Nashville and Universal Music International. It sold gold in Sweden. Calaisa's 2nd album is recorded in Tambourine Studios in Malmoe and produced by Per Sunding (Cardigans). The 2nd album will be released in spring 2009.


Calaisa- selftitled album (2006)
Hey Girl - single
If I could - single

Set List

Calaisa play songs from their last and upcoming album.
around 1 hour or 1,5 h is the usual.