king tubby meets pink floyd at timbalands house


we are influenced by dub, hip-hop, IDM, bounce, grime, even a little bit of house. I can promise that you have never heard anything like calamalka before....imagine a live band emulating crunk beats with swirling dub style accents and deep bass lines. Beginning in the year 2000 vancouver based producer/musician Calamalka a.k.a. Michael Campitelli has been steadily releasing music and garnering praise in publications such as URB “calamalka is my chronic on this e.p.”, XLR8R ”we may have just stumbled upon the bastard child of Pole and Monolake” and most recently with his latest effort “Shredders Dub” has managed to earn a hearty 8. on the much revered Over the last five years Calamalka has worked with labels such as the Miami based Metatronix and Los Angeles’s Plug Research as well as scoring his first feature film soundtrack for “On The Corner” a Vancouver based indie hit directed by Nathaniel Geary and subsequently a winner of numerous awards locally and over seas that was also released as an official soundtrack cd with Transiberian records. Calamalka has either djed, done live P.A. or played with his backing band with acts such as.... Cannibal Ox, Mr.Lif, Supersoul, Skam, Why?, Out Hud, Deadelus, Royal Trux and New Kingdom and is currently finishing up an e.p. for Plug Research as well as a new full length.


Calamalka "10-9 volts" Plug Tunes Vol 1 (Metatronix)
Calamalka "calaloo" Plug Tunes Vol 2 (Metatronix)
Calamalka "calamalka e.p." (Stereo-Vidual)
Calamalka "Shredders Dub" ( Plug Research)
Michael P. Campitelli " On The Corner" OST (Transsiberian

Set List

Intro, Auterzonik, Lumins, Reliable I, Tabla Purists, Lighting Rigg, Chassi, Gamblor
our sets usually last 30-45 minutes with the option to extend our songs if there is time and interest by the crowd (dancing)