Bogotá, Bogota D.C., COL

Calambuco is one of the leaders of the "new colombian salsa" that is exploding in Bogota. A Cuban orchestra for a 70’s bestial and weighty sound. With already 2 cds, and tours in Europe and in all Latin America, Calambuco confirms its talent.


Calambuco first appeared in 2005. Back then they perform salsa’s biggest classic songs in the clubs of Bogota.

At the beginning of 2006, the orchestra starts to interpret its own songs, composed by the pianist Andrés Felipe Succar.
A new cycle is launched; their sound is well received by the public, who are more and more at each show of the band…

Calambuco records its first album, called «Como en el barrio» (literally, «like in the neighborhood»). Produced by the singer and trumpet player, Maurice Castillo (singer of Grupo Niche, amongst others), with the collaboration of José Aguirre (former director of Grupo Niche) on trumpet, and the guestfeaturing of the «maestro», the pianist, Jaime Henao.

On 2006, December: live performances following the launch of the album are an immediate success! The 1000 copies completely sell out in only a few weeks. An album re-edition comes out in 2007.
Less than a year later, over 4500 copies are sold in Colombia, the United-States and Europe. After selling as much CDs in their own country as in the rest of the world, Calambuco understands that its music goes beyond borders and finds its spot in the big urban and international capitals of the world.

On 2009, September 4th their second release « Rompiendo el cuero » is introduced at the Teatro Metro in Bogota. Produced once again by Mauricio Castillo and the artistic director is Andrés Felipe Succar. The musical maturity of the band is reached and confirmed, once of the titles bring us to the Fania universe…

The salsa of Calambuco expresses 20th Century Latin music’s most beautiful heritage: bolero, descarga, mambo, guajira, currulao and of course salsa, the hardcore kind. Its identity is distinct and mature: the hoarse cry of the trumpets replace the conventional trombones, the piano builds a musical structure for the percussions and the bell which punctuate the vibrant Sonero voice of the lead singer.

The 10 members of Calambuco are all trained musicians. They all won, at a very young age, regional and national awards. They are all between 20 to 40 years old, they are multi-instrumentalists, and all took part in the emergence and development of most Colombian new musical styles and genres (jazz, traditional music, rock, fusion, salsa…). They have recorded several albums, toured in Colombia, Latin America or Europe, and
have integrated groups such as the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, Grupo Bantu, Orquesta Matecana, La Calentura, La Mojarra Electrica, La Revuelta, Camilo Cifuentes, Grupo Kilombo, Tangaré, Bambara Urbana...


2006 : Como en el Barrio
2009 : Rompiendo el cuero

Set List

from the album COMO EN EL BARRIO:
Te Falta Ritmo
Maria Juliana
Guajira De Un Abandonada
Como En El Barrio
Ritmo De Succar
Africa Salsera
Me Sorprendo

from the album ROMPIENDO EL CUERO:
No Estás En Ná
Rompiendo El Cuero
Don Marcelino
El Que Se Enamora Pierde
Ok, Lo Que Sea
Si Me Mirara
Olvida Esa Pena
El Color De Tu Mirada

The duration is adjustable, depending of the place, the public... etc. Calambuco can play 2 hours and more