Calculations Of...

Calculations Of...

 Charleston, South Carolina, USA


Calculations Of has been doing music since he was 10 years old. Originally starting on viola Calculations Of honed his music skills in grade school by attending The Charleston County School of The Arts, and later attending The South Carolina Govenor School For The Arts and Humanities for viola. Following highschool, Calculations Of then later attended UNC School of the Arts then USC Columbia for viola performance. During his college years Calculations Of has performed in several masterclasses and workshops regarding classical music and instrumental performance.

While in college, Calculations Of decided to explore alternative music. Calculations Of was a lead singer in a rock band named Revolution on the rise. After departing from the band, he turned his focus on pop, hip-hop, and electronic dance music production as well as DJ-ing.

Calculations Of has produced and engineered several records for violinists Daniel D., Seth G., Faith Lyn and many more. Aside from producing for others Calculations Of frequently produces his own dance songs and remixes. Calculations Of has performed at several colleges on the east coast, and has performed for companies such as: Sea Ray, Porsche, Gatorade, and events like The Detroit International Auto Show, and many more. He is currently performing with Violinist Daniel D and is a member of The Urban Instrumentalists who perform for various events in the corporate and college market.


Electric Synthony EP

Set List

1. Stand Up
2. Haters (Calculating)
3. Party
4. Some Of Yo Time
5. Like The A (Futuristic Swag)