Calcu-Lator & The Oral Presentation

Calcu-Lator & The Oral Presentation


Absolute-serious-post-apocalyptic-hilarious-epic-rock-opera-and-mouth-making-drum-action ... ... ... with some dancing.


Ennis, Conor and Dejan all met while auditioning for The Raptors Dance Pack in its inaugural season. Aggressively snubbed by the sexist mechanism that is professional cheerlead-dancing, they turned their mutual (platonic) love of dance into a rhythmic movement collective known as “The Ballerinos”. They toured all over southern Turkey spreading their creamy smooth brand of Man-Dancing across the hot toast of the nation.

In 1999, Conor dropped out of “Da Rinos” to focus on his side hustle, pie-eating contests, effectively dissolving the posse. In April 2000, as a prize for defending his title as Clinton, Ontario’s “Public Glutton #1”, Conor won, among other things, a week’s worth of guitar lessons. Conor reached out to his former dance mates and split the prize with his half-brother Dejan, with each of them receiving 3 days of lessons (they donated the 7th day to charity).

The pieces were in place for a transformation from a purely dance-based troupe into an entertainment uber-group. Unfortunately, Dejan and Conor had the singing voices of dying vultures. Luckily, as their week of guitar lessons came to a close, Ennis, who had been in New Zealand looking for the illustrious “37waist/28inseam” jeans he so dearly needed, got hit by a meteor, rendering him completely blind but with the uncanny ability to make noises with his mouth. A lot of noises. At once. After reading his way back to 20/20 vision, Ennis took Conor and Dejan gently but firmly by the hand into a metamorphosis, and a three-headed butterfly emerged. That butterfly’s name: Calcu-Lator & The Oral Presentation. And they’re here to rock your ass off of you.

Set List

Ass-Rocking timeslots include:

- 20 minute.
- 45 minute.
- 60 minute.
- 75 minute.
- 90 minute.
- 92 minute.
- 95 minute.
- 120 minute.
- what else do you want from us?