Eugene, Oregon, USA

Caleb and Sol Rexius are identical twin brothers born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. More importantly, they feel called to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through their music and lyrics. When it comes down to it, we are not trying to just make fans, we are trying to make disciples -Sol Rexius


Caleb and Sol Rexius are identical twin brothers born and raised in Eugene, Oregon. After releasing their first on January 1st, 2009, they felt the desire to incorporate a band for the larger venues to get a bigger sound and better variety in a set. They then collaborated with Scott and Marisa Frantz, and later drummer Hunter Gray to round out the traveling band.

What sets Caleb and Sol apart from other bands is that their heart is not striving for radio play, fame, and notoriety. They are striving for God's will and desire for their life. Both Caleb and Sol have a desire to pursue vocational ministry, and their music has been a great stepping stone and great experience for their passions.

Being identical twins, many have said that something special happens in their harmonies. I guess having identical DNA helps out. Heavily influenced by pop music, and more specifically - DC Talk, Caleb and Sol cross many genres throughout their songs but maintain tasteful lyrics and melodies.

Caleb and Sol grew up heavily involved in athletics and didn't even start singing until midway through college. God continues to open doors and they are very excited for what is in store over the next few years.

When we decided to record a CD a year ago, and then released it 1-1-09, I had no idea the opportunities we would have. This month of may we have 18-20 shows planned, and we are having to turn down great opportunities just to keep our feet under us. - Caleb Rexius


Caleb&Sol "Afloat" -Debut album release 1-1-09

Set List

Typical set list:
Dedication - Caleb&Sol
Burn - Caleb&Sol
Sunday - Caleb&Sol
Yours - Caleb&Sol
Treasures - Caleb&Sol
Rescue - Caleb&Sol
Afloat - Caleb&Sol
Eternity - Caleb&Sol

Sets have ranged from 5 minutes to 1.5 hours.
No covers.