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Red Bank Road

Written By: Caleb Caudle

Bluebird flies in the eastern sky
Reminding me of better times
When i was young and unafraid
I was innocent until I moved away
It's easy to forget where you come from
when the smoke and lights start to leave you numb
And longing for that old oak tree's shade
When the noise becomes and endless parade
Thinking about what i miss the most
Bottles back boys, The Holy Ghost
Tobacco fields carved out by red dirt roads
I could lose myself for miles and miles and still feel at home
I miss my father for his firm handshake
And the way he'd ache after a long day
My mother for her, For her dark brown eyes
And her graceful hand and her perfect smile
There's a house down on Red Bank Road
My great grandfather he, he has a golden soul
He makes the most out of his last days
And the Lord stops everything just to hear him pray