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The best kept secret in music


"April 25th 2004"

If impressionism could be a musical art form then “Shut Up” by Caleb Engstrom would be a marvellous example of it. This young man has a sexy, sophisticated voice that sounds like it belongs to someone many years his senior. He has married this silken tone to the gentle finger-picking style of an acoustic guitar, flavoured with a haunting piano “tinkling” that complements it beautifully. Engstrom then chose to punctuate the canvas with “splatters” of flute, muted trumpet and cymbal rides – all oddly effective and curious.

The lyrics have a sad quality:

In Real life,
Too proud to talk to your mother,
Too afraid to talk to your father,
In Real life, we don’t talk at all.

I have never heard anything quite like this piece, so I must give it “A” for originality. It’s short; it’s sweet; it leaves your ears wanting more.

The only thing not enticing about this song is its title - “Shut Up”. Caleb Engstrom has a promising career ahead of him as a singer/songwriter. Kudos to him for going beyond the accepted “norm” to deliver a work of art!

Shannon Lee

"April 27th 2004"

"Shut Up" and Listen
by: Heath Walton

When I listen to Caleb Engstrom, only one word comes to mind,"Individuality." He has his own sense of feeling, his own vocals, his own expression (like with the trumpets), his own rhythym, let's just say he is his own. I was extremely impressed with his expressions and vocal dynamics. He takes Folk music to a totally different level. All I have to say is... You are doing awesome...keep it up, I'll buy a cd. - The Voice Online Magazine

"June 11th 2004"

When I see and hear a musician like Caleb Engstrom, I have to admit that I get a little bit jealous. At the ripe young age of 19, he is doing more in the realm of music than I ever thought of doing! I can’t be angry with him, though, because he is doing what any good musician should do! He’s out there, writing, recording and playing the songs that he has been blessed to create! As a result, a lot of fans are taking notice in the coffeehouses and live venues around Greenville College, in Southern Illinois. As a result, he is reaping the rewards that a good musician deserves!

Recently transplanted, Caleb left the cornfields of Dubuque, Iowa for the cornfields of Greenville, Illinois! He quickly hooked up with two other freshmen to form a classic rock band called Lexington, in which he plays bass. Not content, though, he has also been working on his own material, and after finishing a demo recording with Lexington, Caleb has been recording and playing his own material as well! At a school that is well-known for turning out great music and musicians, he is carrying on the tradition!

There are only two of his songs that are available for review; however, they are both incredibly cool songs! Caleb’s voice is incredibly smooth, and when it is combined with the lyrical content of his songs, you get the feeling that he is mature beyond his years. ‘Shaud Up’, the first track that I heard, is incredible! The well-recorded rhythm guitar parts, accented by a very simple piano accompaniment, create a hauntingly beautiful backdrop for Caleb’s emotive singing; which is, in my opinion, every bit as good as that of artists like John Mayer, and more moving, if you ask me! ‘Shaud Up’ also includes some very eclectic touches, like a cacophonous trumpet line in the background between the first chorus and the second verse! His music is art that depicts a very simple object on the surface, but in actuality, is made up of layer upon layer of intricate detail. As a listener, I appreciate his music for all of its parts, both small and large!

His second song, entitled ‘Now’, is more of the same! The major components of the song are his vocals and piano accompaniment. Rhythm accompaniment is also present, but it is very subdued in its effect, so that you hardly notice it. ‘Now’ is less structured, and more experimental in nature than ‘Shaud Up’; in fact, there is only one verse and chorus, before the song becomes more fluid, and experimental vocal and instrumental parts begin to become layered over the basic rhythm parts. It makes for cool art, but it didn’t hold my attention nearly as well as the first song. It just became a bit too abstract for me. I can’t complain, though! Caleb is definitely talented, and ‘Now’ is another great piece of work!

Given time and opportunity, Caleb Engstrom is destined to create very memorable work! In the truest sense of the word, he is an artist! I hope that he continues to explore the outer limits of musical creativity, while still maintaining form and structure that listeners will be able to admire. Being deep without seeming deep is difficult; if anybody can do it, though, I’m sure Caleb can!

Is it any wonder that I’m jealous? - - Mark Lush

"June 4th 2004"

One of our greatest joys here at the VUE365 is to shine a light on a best-kept secret - a good thing that at present is flying just under the radar of most of our readers. As the Tri-State music scene continues to expand, offering a variety of alternatives, we would like to call attention to a young, talented singer/songwriter.......

"Shaud up" is a sensitive exploration of missed opportunities for communication within familial relationships. Skilled playing, an open, honest vocal approach and a sophisticated arrangement elevates the recording beyond those typical of your average young guy with a guitar. - VUE365 - Mike Ironside


EP- Inspirations (2002)
EP- Songs (2004)

With tracks off of "Songs" that are streaming and downloadable, at


Feeling a bit camera shy


Hailing recently from Dubuque, Iowa, Caleb Tyler Engstrom at the age of 19, brings his sultry voice and passion for honest music a little further south, landing in the cornfields surrounding Greenville College. Caleb, whose influences include Nick Drake, The Frames, and Ryan Adams, has been writing songs and performing with acoustic guitar since an early age. He has showcased his talent for composing and performing remarkably honest music here at Greenville on campus and at other various St. Louis area venues. His "following" has recently grown because of the spread of mouth and use of the internet. has recently showcased "Shut Up", his recent single, as song of the day for April 9th, 2004. Which meant you saw his face plasterd up on the front of their website for 24 hours. Caleb was aslo chosen as artist of the month for May 2004 by has been a great tool for spreading his music as well, with over 700 hits in a short amount of time. And it seems that Caleb is making fans all over campus. "Caleb has a mind built for creative musicianship," declares Joey Lemon of the GC bands the Lemons and Berry. "His songs speak beauty to my soul."