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Houston, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2011

Houston, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2011
Solo Hip Hop Pop




"Rosewood, Art, Blunts and an interesting conversation with a man on acid."

A brand new concept mixtape from fresh young talent, "If You Give A Kid A Crayon" is an impressive introduction for Rosewood's Calebjustcaleb(Formerly "C4"). For starters: all of the tracks are on point, which is very rare in the mixtape world, especially with a bold concept behind it. What concept? "If You Give A Kid A Crayon" plays off the "If you give a mouse a cookie" book series many millenals grew to love. The concept was to make a sampler like mixtape displaying the talents of Calebjustcaleb and other SC based artists. Each metaphorical "kid" being the artist featured on the respective track, and each metaphorical "crayon" being the spot on tape itself. The best examples of Calebjustcaleb's unique voice and delivery are "Welcome To Rosewood,"(featuring Bricksquad Monoply artist and fellow Rosewood local, Ben G) "Strictly Business" and "Notebook Arson." He is joined by a variety of SC based artists, the best features being Cole Connor on "Notebook Arson" and H3RO on "Hometown Glory remix." During the interview, tripping on acid, he talks about the music industry as if he was 60. Talking about how much the industry has changed, and how different the mainstream and underground scenes are in their respective areas, I almost forgot this kid is only 18. Claiming he was never good in school because it was "an institution aimed at keeping children dumb and nieve," you would never guess he could speak and communicate the way he did(albeit, tripping on LSD) His intelligence matched his lyrical content to a T, almost as if all the years spent in school was all his master scheme to, once out, put out some of the best hip-hop music from a youth that i've seen in the south in my lifetime.
While not exclusively produced by Southside artist Supah Mario, his production gives Calebjustcaleb the room to stretch his hamstrings and take off running, and that he did, that he did.
You can steam the concept tape at
-Greg Slattery
Stereofly Magazine - Stereofly(Greg Slattery) Zine


"From Mopeds To Maybachs" - Mixtape 2011
"If You Give A Kid A Crayon" - Mixtape 2013



“CalebJustCaleb” an up and coming multi-genre musician from ROSEWOOD, SC. “C4: not the one to get confused with. All you need is love, all I need is MUSIC"
Hailing in Rosewood, SC, "Caleb(Just Caleb)” is blowing up the streets with his unique flows and style. Vowing to be a “multi-genre musician” Calebjustcaleb has music ranging from hip-hop to metal to acoustic songwriter, never to be called “just another rapper.” one thing is known, when you listen to Calebjustcaleb it will be something that you dont expect. and thats the point.

“I cant make music about hood trapping, or killing people or buying stupid cars or anything like that because thats fake, yeah its easy to rap about and get people to listen to, but i dont do that so the only thing I can do is rap about what I know. Ive never woken up in a new bugatti, so i cant relate to that shit. I feel like I make music people in South Carolina can connect with and relate to. I dont just listen to boosie and nwa all day(though i do like them). I listen to anything from TI to Led Zeppelin, from fall out boy to tupac, and everything in between. So I use that wide range of music to influence my music.”

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