cal ecker

cal ecker


acoustic guitar, sweet vocals, pretty harmonies, thumpin bass lines, and tight beats all together to make up an acoustic, pop, rock sound enjoyable for all ears


Born into the world with lungs full of air; ready to sing and the spirit of a hundred wild horses. Cal Ecker had a natural attraction to music and performance. Throughout his college years Cal Ecker performed on weekends for the entertainment of his peers. At that time music wasn’t the loudest calling for Cal. His first love was the game of basketball and achieved his goals one after the other. Leading his high school team to a state title and securing scholarships in basketball to help fund his stay at college were but a few of his accomplishments. It wasn’t until June 2005 when Cal Ecker first stepped onto the stage to perform his songs to a larger audience. He took the stage with guitar in hand, backed by his high school buddy "Beav" on bass and friend "Heavy" on drums. Two months later Cal Ecker entered the studio to record his first full length release. The results of those sessions became his debut c/d "French Lick". Cal Ecker remains driven and is making plans to become a household name. Through his passion and vision Cal Ecker wont stop until he is heard on every radio in every town.


French Lick Demo (EP) 2005
Cal Ecker - French Lick (LP) 2006 Debut Album

Set List

We play for as long as people want us to. We have over 50 original songs and we like people to hear them. We prefer to play our original stuff but will play covers if need be. But a standard set is probably an hour and a half. About 20 songs for us. If we open up for a band we like to play 45 minutes to an hour.