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Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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"From Halifax to D.C. To Cambridge in One Night"

I took the meandering approach to the second night of the NEMO Music Festival, deciding to stop in places I like, to hear what I could hear. And it's a testament to the festival's bookers that I only intended to stay in each place for a few songs and ended up hanging out for almost full sets.

The Abbey Lounge played host to the "Halifax Explosion," a full night of bands from Nova Scotia. I caught Caledonia, who played a mix of modern rock, reggae and country wearing classy influences like the Police, Luna and Elvis Costello on its nattily attired sleeve. They even did a spot on version of Costello's "Watching the Detectives," which gives you a sense of both their chops and what their own sense of dynamics are. Each of their originals had a sense of structure and craftmanship. Special props to bassist Zac Course who laid down tasteful, bubbly grooves under lead singer-guitarist Steve Gates' skewed licks. Really good stuff.
-Sarah Rodman - the Boston Globe

"We Are America - Hear*Ya"

It seems that every folk or alt-country style band I’ve fallen in love with in recent days hails from our neighbor to the north. That’s Canada for the geographically challenged. Caledonia are the most recent twang-tinged band to grace our inbox and their debut album, We Are America, has been in steady rotation for a few weeks now.

I always love a good band back story. Caledonia’s bio talks of the lead singer/guitarist looking into the mirror at his friend’s apartment in Calgary. Steve Gates saw the signs of his crossroad from the darkness under his eyes and two days on a bus from the Yukon didn’t help. To commemorate the occasion he shaved his head, wandered the streets and penned the lyrics for “Restless Year,” the opening track off of We Are America.

And it’s a great track that grabs you when you realize the lyrics really say “The art fag in my is restless.” I had to rewind a few times to see if I was hearing correctly. After “Restless Year” you fall right into the Americana styled title track that starts off with vocal harmonies over an acoustic guitar before kicking into gear at the 34 second mark. A bit later you’ll hear an indie pop rocker “Friday Night Rock Song” that’s becoming the highlight of the album for me.

It’s Caledonia’s debut so there’s not much to complain about, especially since there are some really great singles, but the juice of the album seemed front-loaded and my attention began to fade toward the end. One thing is for sure, though. We Are America shows that Caledonia is a band to keep your eyes on in the coming years. -

"5 Songs You Gotta Hear Today"


“The Plague” by Caledonia

This seems appropriate, given what’s been happening in the world over the last month; with a song called “The Plague” we have a band called Caledonia. They’re made up of people from Halifax and Toronto and the track can best be described as a dark ska song with some interesting harmonies. Have a look at their Myspace page to hear for yourself. - Alan Cross (Explore Music, 102.1 the edge)

"We Are America (The Hour & (X)Press)"

...Indie guitar rock blasts give way to super smooth Steely Dan-style harmonies (without the syrupy jazz leanings), which in turn slip into a Cure guitar wall of sound. Juggling various styles in a seamless fashion is a gift, and Caledonia sequence their record in grand fashion....Superb.
(4/5 star rating) - (x)Press (Ottawa) The Hour (Montreal)

"A Successful Mission for Caledonia"

...The album’s primary focus is the harmful nature of self-doubt and how it contributes heavily to blame and an utter lack of morale. It is a topic that they explore effectively, nonetheless helped by an impressive musical backdrop that exposes indie-rock in the way it should be: diverse and ardently effective.
- Obscure Sound

"Essential Tracks, Caledonia, The Plague"

Just as that flu bug sneaks out of Mexico, Halifax rockers Caledonia come along with a kicking good song that's got a little bit of reggae, a lot of slamming guitars, and a way of stacking up the vocals like pancakes on Sunday. - The Globe & Mail

"We Are America (Hero Hill)"

“As opposed to nationalistic pride or delusion, Caledonia focuses on the events that rip us all apart; death, growing older, uncertainty, leaving home and wanting nothing more than to return. Thankfully, Caledonia’s cases these deep and dark thoughts in a collection of ambitious hooks, atmospheric undercurrents and a melting pot of influences. emotional density waiting just below the surface on almost every track that leaves you pleasantly off balance.” - Hero Hill

"We Are America (Indie Music Filter)"

“A five-piece band based in both Canada’s east and middle, Caledonia’s a mix of individuals bringing a mosaic of different experiences to the table. What was created was an exploration of the notion of blame as an expression of our own self-doubt. A collaboration from the members’ personal experiences of both hope and anxiety. Put them on your radar.” - Indie Music Filter

"On the Record (Caledonia)"

We Are America is a record that is both dense and spacious—there are plenty of layers to be peeled back and devoured, but at the same time there's a remarkable clarity to the album's production, allowing for various sounds to coexist within a single song. The record ebbs and flows, making for a listening experience that can be challenging, but which is also well worth the exploration. - Vue Magazine (Edmonton)

"We Are America (QRO)"

"...the Halifax band successfully stretch across various regions of music. There’s the harmonious alt-rock title track, or the kinda funky “The Plague” & “The Victim”. Opener “Restless Year” is evocative and haunting, neither over- nor under-done, while “Too Old” and “Same Old Lies” bring a bit of psychedelica. The sadness goes from the twang of “I’m Tired” to the alt-country carry of “Light Rock Station”, not to mention the restrained fuzz of “Burning the Day”." - QRO Magazine (New York)


"We Are America" released June 3rd, 2009. Distributed by Fontana North.

"Waiting to Burn" released on Oct. 10th 2006, distributed by Fontana North/Universal Canada.

"Lost Balloons" was released on June 19th 2004.
Then re-released on MapleNationwide/Universal on August 2nd, 2005.

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"A five-piece that reveals a more powerful band sonically, combining elements of psych-country twang and rustic classic rock filtered through an indie-rock sensibility and jazzy grooved-out jams. Musically and soulfully adventurous, Caledonia mixes hauntingly familiar themes into a style that’s all their own, the result is a stellar live show with plenty of energy."
Exclaim! Magazine (courtesy of the Lonely Vagabond

Caledonia squeezed every bit of time and money they had into their new record, We are America. Produced by Dylan Hudecki (By Divine Right, Junior Blue, Holy F*ck), this record jumps ship on traditional genre labels and carves a path of its own through your record collection. An album full of favourite songs, The Globe and Mail chose "The Plague" as an essential track, "Scott’s House" cracked the top 5 on CBC Radio 3 this summer and the video for the title track “We are America” is in rotation on Much Music. This record made 'best of' lists all over the internet, received a nomination for Pop Album of the year at Nova Scotia Music Week and is nominated for 4 awards at this years ECMA’s including Rising Star Recording of the Year and Alternative Recording of the Year.

Back in 2004, former church camp rivals, Steve Gates and Zac Crouse joined forces with friends from University, Ian Bent and Steve Reble to release a full length record called Lost Balloons. The record went on to be a bit of a cult favourite among Caledonia fans as well as attracting some bizarre TV licences and a national distribution deal with Fontana North. In 2006, the band released the Waiting to Burn EP which spawned two national tours and charted in the top 10 on many college radio stations.

While recording the new record in 2007, the band added lead guitarist Kris Pope (Acres and Acres, Jenn Grant, and Down with the Butterfly). As a five-piece they have toured relentlessly since the record’s release in June 2009. The album, We Are America and the band’s new live show have received critical acclaim from a variety of blogs, radio stations, newspapers, and musical peers. This banner year has been topped off by the band's recent ECMA nominations for:

Group Recording of the Year
Rising Star Recording of the Year
Alternative Recording of the Year &
Vibe Creative Group Single of the Year for 'Scott’s House'

"...the Halifax band successfully stretches across various regions of music. There’s the harmonious alt-rock title track, or the kind of funky “The Plague” & “The Victim”. Opener “Restless Year” is evocative and haunting, neither over- nor under-done, while “Too Old” nor “Same Old Lies” bring a bit of psychedelia. The sadness goes from the twang of “I’m Tired” to the alt-country carry of “Light Rock Station”, not to mention the restrained fuzz of “Burning the Day”." QRO Magazine (New York, NY)