brutal and delicate, Calentura sounds like a nervous gospel breakdown. All-female melodic folk-metal whose musicians pride themselves on mature songwriting, emotional availability and originality, without pretention.



"3 years ago if anyone told me I'd be pursuing music as a profession I'd have laughed. I sprang from the womb singing my lungs out, but I had given it up, focusing on finishing my education and working as a behavioural therapist for autistic children. I love working as a therapist and I make a hell of a lot more than I do singing. It's crazy to choose this life, but I do it because I can't stop, even when I've tried. This music is part of something so much bigger than just me”

Meghan found regional success in a high school band which caught the attention of Eyeball Records (Thursday, My Chemical Romance) and landed a deal. Unfortunately the band broke up in 2003 and Meghan resigned herself to having a fleeting brush with success. In her travels she met Shira Yevin, who dreamt of hosting an Alt-Femme music tour. In 2005, Shira landed the opportunity to host an all-female stage at Warped Tour. Originally invited to play an acoustic gig, Meghan decided to form a band with a few of her pals. Enter Dana and Krissy and an old friend to play drums. Due to the response from the show, she decided to take the new band on the road.

"The summer was insane. We were touring in Meghan's mom's minivan, and we totalled it the second day of tour. Meghan figured that was it and we'd go home, but Shira took some of us in her RV. The others really had to struggle to hitch a ride every day. We'd meet the truck at 7am every morning and unload and set up this handmade stage and haul these 90-pound amps from other trucks to the site. It was crazy.

After the trials and tribulations of touring their drummer quit the band. Enter Raine.

So, we start practicing in Meghan's mom's basement. We’re writing songs, we're playing shows, we’re looking to do something more. IWe started looking to record a new demo in 06'. Meghan called a bunch of places and then she called this studio called Big Blue Meenie. Their production house has done, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday, Folly, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Agnostic Front, the Bouncing Souls, Candiria, and a bunch more. She called just to see how much they charge, and this guy, Tim Gilles picks up the phone and talks to her. I guess they kind of hit it off, cause when Tim was hanging up he was like, "Alright, kid. Tell you what, send me a link to your Myspace, when I get a chance I'll take a listen and tell you what I think. It took him a while to listen to it, but then we got this email, "I'm BAFFLED, and very interested. Call me."

Tim Gilles offered to Produce, Record and Mix the band’s new EP.

We went on the Warped Tour again in the summer 06'. When we got back We ended up rehearsing at Big Blue. I don't know why Tim let us do that. Especially since we gave everyone there more grey hair than anything else. He made us go over everything with a fine-tooth comb and fix and align every single note. It was like he put us in a Petri-dish and fed us and watered us and we just grew up. I really learned how to play my instrument, hah. Being there was so fun, we were always pranking people. In February 07, we finally got the o.k. to come out of the Petri dish. We picked some songs, put the final spit and polish on it with Tim's help, and we started recording our Demo. It took until September 07 to have it mastered, and then we finally started booking shows again, trying to get out there. We are awesome girls, the kind that dominate a party, but we never mean to, we’re just so wrapped up in the chemistry we have.

Needless to say Calentura are now a well oiled machine with a serious work ethic. Their music is the embodiment of contrast. Brutal yet delicate songs, which dance between solid walls of sound and sweeping velvet melodies.



Written By: Calentura

Oh Dear God, forgive me, Eman, for the things I have not done. That your knees now should bend on carpets of red, blood your family has shed. I can feel the quake of your terror, as your mother blocks your body from the bullets. And as the soldiers pulled her corpse off your back, and you found you were the last man to stand, I tremble at the seeds of hatred spread as you heard, "It wasn't us child. It was the Americans."

We massacre the innocent. But you don’t want to talk about it. You just want to "Dance, dance." But I can't sleep with this blood on my hands. Are you proud to be an American, now?

Oh dear Eman, how can I possibly explain why little boys were given AK's in the first place. The propaganda trickles down to their video games, and we deny their class a chance to educate. But how does a mother teach virtue, from behind a desk at her second job? If you want answers the question you have to ask is who breaks the back of the working class?

Murder. The whistle blows. Murder. It doesn't show. I can't stop. I feel it falling in. Perpetrators or the victims? Murder, the whistle blows. Murder, it never shows. I don't stop even when I feel bones break, all this destruction is left in my wake.

"Dance, Dance!" dance dance, dance dance. Girl, suck your demons down. Suck your passion down, suck down that bottle and black. out. Everything that they've done to you, all the pieces he stole. Now listen to the sounds of your own heaving, feel the prison grip of your panic. Feel the fear catch your tongue like shards of glass shards of glass, and Swallow every drug they put in front of you. Swallow the weight of your discontent and aggression. Hopeless, nothing ever gets better. Swallow your plate then swallow your fist to make it ok. When you fall on your knees, just praying for redemption, you already know thier is no hope. You're already dead.


Written By: Calentura

How could you give me so much love then just take it away so completely. It was not our time to die. What about the promises you made, you would “never give up on me”. I gave you my love, you gave me lies.

There were so many things left unsaid, sentences unfinished. It shouldn’t have had to be like this. Lying naked in your arms ,You’re a million miles away. Did you know that’d be the last time (that you’d ever hold me again)

Fuck those girls who stick their paws in my honey (you’d ever touch me again). I hope you’re satisfied with that busted hussy, You really don’t come correct. (You’ll never see me again). Out of us I kept my promises babe, you’ll know I’ll always be the one, that got away.

It wasn’t that we could never break up it was that you left me when I needed you most. How could you do this to ME. Go ahead and run to her I hope you get what you need.

I never said it was going to be easy. I said I’d try my best. Well I gave you my best. Now I know it was never good enough for you, but I gave you my best. I gave you my best.

Sometimes, I just break down and cry. What happened to my baby? Sometimes, I just wake up at night. My chest shakes on this wet pillowcase. Sometimes, I break down and cry, m y baby, my baby…. And some times, I just cant. This is so HARD.


Written By: Calentura

I was lost on a bus headed for Paraguay. Why did I go? Why did I trust him? I offered my kindness (ended a victim). Ended up bloody, bloody after they beat my body. Blame it on my foolish trust. I should have protected myself.

For a month I threw up ever day from the fucking AZT that they made me take. I lost my lover. He was too scared to touch me after they fucked me so had they ripped holes up inside of me. I tried to be brave, (But I just wanted to die) after the blood washed away, (the imprint of their force I still can’t scrape off my body.)

These Visions shave away. They are out of the grave, but I don’t see a victim here. I am stronger than you know. I won’t let it show. But I don’t se a victim here. The blame is on the perpetrator. But I fail if I keep my silence. You can’t change my life just because you violate me. I don’t see a victim here I’m just going to move on. I am that strong. I don’t see a victim here.

(This is what fuck you looks like. This is the face of strength.) Though I feel the anguish. I feel the burn. Pieces charred inside you never return. Love is a blunt tool made for sacrifice. Friends try to draw me away, but outside just terrifies me. I listen, hear footsteps in dead leaves as the wind blows. Every gust is a breath on my neck. I find enemies in everyone I know. Nightmares rip through my body. I can’t sleep at night. I can’t sleep at night. I can’t sleep at night. Why am I the one who can’t sleep at night?! Some times it hurts me so bad, I want to end my life, but I won’t let you get away with this, I won’t let you hide.


"This Rock and Roll thing is a Dangerous Business" - 4 song EP 2005
"Nervous Gospel Breakdown" - 3 song album Demo 2007

Set List

Intro/Nauftagon (instrumental)
Dollar Signs

set time - 30 minutes (but we can add songs and play up to an hour and a half)