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Cale Sampson

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
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Cale Sampson is a socially conscious hip hop artist from Toronto. In 2009, he was named the “Best Songwriter of the Year” by NOW Magazine for their annual "Best of T.O. edition. He has also toured in Canada, the U.S.and Asia with such acts as The Hilltop Hoods, Aceyalone, and Scratch from The Roots.


Cale Sampson is a socially conscious hip hop artist from Toronto, Ontario. He has been referred to as the “Bob Dylan of Hip Hop” and is also the inventor of a new sub-genre of hip hop music, he calls, “Info-Rap”. This genre of music challenges mainstream beliefs by presenting complex socio-political material in the form of easy to understand rap songs, which are structured more like personal essays than traditional song formats. This unique method of social commentary invites listeners to question authority, and the very nature of accepted truth, by encouraging people to become enlightened and to think critically for themselves.

In 2008, Cale Sampson started his solo career and joined forces with some of Canada's most prominent hip hop producers, including Classified and DJ Kemo of The Rascalz. He has performed with such acts as Guru from Gang Starr, Aceyalone, The Hilltop Hoods, Eyedea & Abilities, and Scratch from The Roots. His debut album, “Cale Sampson” received highly positive reviews from the critics and peaked on both the Earshot and ChartAttack charts as the #3 most played hip hop album on Canadian college radio. In 2009, Cale Sampson was also named “Best Songwriter of the Year” by NOW Magazine for their annual “Best of T.O.” edition. This was a rare acknowledgement, as it was the first time the honor had ever been awarded to a hip hop artist.

With a style that has been described as “the skill of Eminem with the conscience of K’naan”, Cale Sampson is not your average rapper. Rather than focusing on typical commercial rap subject matter, his songs address the holistic flaws in modern-day society while expressing an urgency to bring about public awareness and positive change on a global scale. Due to this unique perspective, Sampson has begun to inspire a younger generation of emcees, while also capturing the attention of people who don’t normally listen to hip hop music by forcing them to look at it in a different and more respected light.

With his grassroots background and strong internet presence, Cale Sampson is quickly accumulating an international following of fans who are rapidly spreading his music across the globe. He has become particularly popular on social networking websites such as Youtube, where in a very short period of time he has amassed over one hundred thousand followers. This loyal group of supporters is only continuing to grow as Sampson’s message-oriented music attracts more and more listeners worldwide.


- Opened for The Hilltop Hoods
600+ Attendance
Lee's Palace ( Toronto,ON )
Feb. 19, 2010

-Toured Taiwan
( Headlined Spring Scream Music Festival
5000 + Attendance )
Taipei, Taichung, Kenting
April 2007

-Jazz by Genre ( Opened for Guru of Gang Starr / Jazzmatazz )
500 + Attendance
The Mod Club ( Toronto, ON )
Dec. 3rd, 2006

-North By Northeast Music Festival ( 2009, 2006, 2005, 2004 )
Toronto, ON

-The Edge 102.1 ( Steam Whistle Indie Club )
Toronto, ON
2006, 2005

-The Vans Warped Tour ( 2004 )
( Toured alongside: Atmosphere, Good Charlotte, Bad Religion, Non Phixion, Simple Plan, etc.)
Boston, Buffalo, Montreal, Quebec City, Barrie, etc.

-Rock For Tibet ( Performed with Billy Talent, Staggered Crossing, Alannah Myles )
Kool Haus ( Toronto, ON )
May 7th, 2004

-Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth ( Opening Act )
700 + Attendance
Tonic Nightclub ( Toronto, ON )
Apr. 26th, 2004

-Coors Light Triple Challenge ( Opened for Maestro Fresh-Wes )
500 + Attendance
Blue Mountain ( Collingwood, ON )
March 20th, 2004


Face It - Cale Sampson Feat. D-Ray & TheSnowyOwl

Written By: C. Sampson, A. Flak, P. Aloisi

[Verse 1: Cale Sampson]

You know the voice, it's your boy about to spit it
Put me in the mic booth with a beat, Cale will hit it
And kick it, flip it, twist it, lick it and eat it
This kid's sick with the lyrics, you know it soon as you hear it
But rumours appear soon as you get some attention
People zoom in their ears, every sentence you mention
Some will skew with the truth, to prove a connection
To their crew with some news about you that's interesting
This intimate, intricate ish is new if you listen
A pinch of it, you're into it, so don't you lose your attention
I move with momentum, fast-pace like my life
Jump in my shoes for a second, maybe you'll taste what it's like
Face to face with the mic, either take it or not
And if you can break through the ice, there's no way that you'll stop
What you create is so nice, make a name and get props
But take a break from this life, you'll fade away or get dropped
Gotta be able to rock, any time and be hot
So when a label comes knocking you make get signed on the spot
I've been faithfully dropping all these lines, I don't stop
And y'all can basically watch me rhyming my way to the top

[Chorus x2: Cale Sampson]

Face It (Face It), I never run
Deal with whatever comes, if that's what my fate is
(Fate is) something I can't be afraid of
A chance to see what I'm made of

[Verse 2: D-Ray]

I recognise televised lies disguised, but I rise
Not trying to go blind, so I cover my eyes
Otherwise, we was just joking around
So you can go back to the internet and finish your download
Hi-definition, by definition stir crazy
I see you grinning, but repetition works baby
Let 'em listen and they'll probably dance
It stands for psychology advanced no apology
The etiquette is relevant at best, it's accepted
By anyone eccentric invested
It hedges a sense of collective conscience
The rest is a mess of eclectic nonsense
A French kiss with the best lips you could mention
Unless it's just your first steps to addiction
"Come here baby! " entertain what it's worth
And we can basically take it for every day on this earth (I said)


[Verse 3: TheSnowyOwl]

This is how it goes down, how it takes place
How the Rhythmicru fam got the wrinkles on they face
Storybook page paper, ink begins to fade
Spend days blazing haze, monochrome grey shade
Spot him in the P.M., Driving high beaming
Seen him in the evening, speaking like he's dreaming
Seeming like he's steaming, peaking shroom tea's leaving
Scheming on the greenery, the scenery we breeding
Stop for a minute, just to breathe at the top
Of this peak, 'cause it's not like the road's gonna cease
Getting crossed with these blocks, it's a constant I guess
Like taxes and death, getting stressed by the boss
I radiate life now outer-space hype (hype)
Float across the sky via letters that we type
Digi did you get it, see and hear it in the night
It's the meaning of the message of the man upon the mic


C-A-L-E - Cale Sampson

Written By: C. Sampson


Cale Sampson
Check it out, were gonna do something special here
Every word that I say is gonna start with the letter "C"
And then "A", then "L" and then "E"
It's all gonna rhyme, and it's all gonna make sense
So put your listening caps on
Let's get into this

[Cale Sampson:]

Cale's Crafty, Consistently Creative
Constantly Consciously Communicative
Commanding, Careful Concentration
Causing Consequential Complications
Calamity, Chaos, Confusion
Cataclysmic, Climactic Conclusions
Cleverly Contrived, Classified Content
Chronicled Courtesy Continuous Comments
Conveying, Crystal-Clear Conviction
Comprehensible, Comfortable Conditions
Crusading Cross-Country Competently
Consulting Compasses Confidently
Castaway Carrying Confidential
Combos Compiling Cardinal Credentials
Caliber, Counter Clockwise Calendar
Combating Carnivore, Cannibal Challengers
Arranging Articulate Alliances
Alphabetical, Audible Appliances
Above-Average, Atypical Anomaly
Athletically Abnormal Anatomically
Agile, Acrobatically Advanced
Absolutely Annihilating Anyone Against
Appreciated, Around and Abroad
Attentive Audiences Automatically Applaud
Acknowledging, An Admirable Aptitude
Amplified Appreciation, Astonished Attitudes
All Accounts Ahead Affirm Awful Aftermath
Among Afraid Attendants Anxiety Attacks
Alarming, Asthmatic Activation
Anguish, Agony, Aggravation
Accelerating Avidly, Abusing Anatomy
As Antidotes Are Applied Actively

Long Lost Lyrical Laborer Letting Loose
Lateral, Linear Lines Like Longitude
Lengthening Lithospheric Landscapes
Literally Locating Liquidizable Lakes
Leech Loaded Lagoons Lingering Latently
Luring Lizardly Locust Larva Lately
Lousy, Ludicrous, Lugubrious Lugs
Lazy, Lethargic, Lacking Lasting Love
Limitless Lunar Looking Luminous Light
Lucidly Levitating Liberating Life
Lecturing Loud, Lacerating Languish
Linguistical Levels Launching Language
Lucrative Lungs, Learning Large Lexicons
Leaping Ladders, Labyrinths, Leviathans
Larynx, Leadership, Listening, Lesson
Longevity, Legacy, Licensed Living Legend

Energetic, Exciting Entertainer
Elaborate, Effective Explainer
Exceeding Enormous Expectations
Every Exhalation's Education
Experimentation, Extreme Exploration
Exhibiting Evidential Evaluations
Eerie, Extraction Excavations
Erecting Enthusiastic Examinations
Emotionally Encouraging Entity
Embodying Extraordinary Energy
Electrified Enriched Eyewitnesses
Emitting Exhilarating Elicitness
Eclipsing Exuberant Explosiveness
Ecstatically Enjoying Euphorianess
Experiencing, Extravagant Events
Evidence Exposed, Each Eventually Ends

Potential - Cale Sampson

Written By: C. Sampson

Eh yo, you ever feel like you have a gift,
A special talent you're passionate about, which no one can take from you
And all you ever want, is a chance to use it to the fullest
But for whatever reason, it hasn't happened yet (huh)

[Verse 1:]
This is getting serious man, I'm desperate and broke
Overworking myself, I need to rest but I don't
And the future of my life and rap profession's a joke
The size of my wallet has got me questioning both
Like never before I'm second guessing my hunch
Thought I could rap with the best of em', Now I'm stressing a bunch
Putting holes in the wall, with this left-handed punch
I can't even take my girl out to breakfast or lunch
Too many bills to pay, my cheques ain't enough
Everthing's being sucked as the debt piles up
Now I'm thinking of stuff that might get me in cuffs
Starting to not give a ffff, "G I'm set to erupt! "
Pray to God I won't be singing these songs to myself
How the hell will I ever buy my Mom's a house
This is real life, this is a call for help
I'm doing all I can, I can't do it all by myself

[Chorus: x2]
I will fulfill my Potential
I will fulfill my Potential (Yes)
I will fulfill my Potential (Watch)
I will fulfill my Potential

[Verse 2:]
Giving up so much for my few moments of glory
But they're what I look forward to man, I'm not sorry
So surely, y'all understand it ain't personal
The love that I receive, I feel that I do deserve it yo
We all have a dream, I'm trying to live mine
I've given time to it everyday, since I've been Nine
And I've had several visions I saw in the past
Actually come true since I started to rap
That go way beyond the music, into others lives
As you hit them in the heart and stimulate their minds
So when this starts to happen, you realize
There ain't nothing that compares to how you feel now inside
I've devoted my life, to holding the mic
Cause' I know that it might, just help me grow to new heights
I've been told all my life I'm a soldier who fights
Now the flow's so tight, all of my goals are in sight


[Verse 3:]
Sometimes I feel unstoppable, so motivated
Amped up, nothing can ever get in the way of it
I'm digging so deep inside to find fuel
When I get in touch with it, my rhymes defy rules
I'm feeling it, foreseeing what I can be
Like there's a Thousand friends all screaming inside of me
And pushing me, so Cale never falls behind
I have the strength of a Hundred men all combined
Gotta make time, to do what I know best
Sit at this desk, let ideas process
And watch them unravel, as the writing extends
It's natural, thoughts come to life through my pen
Animation, when I'm holding the pencil
Cale's rhymes always control the instrumental
The beat rides me, ain't no filler to kill her
Cause' baby I just keep on getting iller and iller


The Facts of War - Cale Sampson

Written By: C. Sampson

[Cale Sampson:]

Oil is used primarily as a fuel
There's only fifty years left of it, it's non renewable
It's the gasoline in our automobiles
Everything plastic, and all package materials
Telephones, credit cards, toothpaste
Shampoo, glasses, aspirin, house paint
Cameras, tires, film, toys, tape
Are just some of the many products that oil can make
The largest consumer is the United States
Using twenty-five percent of all petroleum made
Half of that's imported, America needs help
By Two Thousand and Twelve domestically they'll run out
Now Iraq has the second largest oil reserve
Behind Saudi Arabia on the entire earth
One point One Trillion dollars it's worth
And there's plenty undiscovered land yet to be searched
Industrial countries, depend and rely
On the Middle East to maintain our styles of life
Just imagine, if they manipulated the price
So which Countries could grow, was up to them to decide
These denials that the war's really not about oil
Are completely unconvincing, it made my blood boil
When Colon Powell claimed it would be shared nice & equal
Held in a trusteeship for all the Iraqi people
C'mon, Who you really think will service these fields
Chevron Texaco and Exxon Mobil
The largest energy companies in the nation
Out to become the world's two richest corporations
And if you back Bush, you get a part of this
If you don't co-operate he makes it very hard to live
Gotta wonder, if Nine Eleven's just an excuse
To go through with something he already wanted to do
Man, check his track record, a brutal history
Why we don't know more about it still remains news to me
This President never served, when he was called upon
And pulled strings to avoid combat in Vietnam
Did you know the first oil drilling business he got
Lost lots of money and was a financial flop
Arbusto, became Bush Explorations
Hoping the family name would help it's reputation
Two years later it failed as well
He was bailed out by a College friend from Yale
When William Dewitt, bought his company out
Then merged it with Spectrum Seven as an offer of help
And immediately George Bush became C.E.O
But by Nineteen eighty-six, the same tale unfolds
A group of investors, with political motives
Appeared in the nick of time, to become his co-owners
Harken Energy, now listen close here
Paid him well over a Hundred-Thousand dollars a year
With a lack of experience, and financial debts
Came an unbelievable chance for them to get rich
'Cause close to Iraq, is the Country Bahrain
Fearing an invasion by Saddam Hussein
They bypassed major U.S. oil chains
And gave Bush's company rights to drill their terrain
But by Nineteen-Ninety internal advisors
Warn of the company's potential demises
Already a Hundred and Fifty Mill' in the hole
And if Saddam invades Kuwait stock value will fall
One month later Bush decided to sell
Two-Thirds of the shares in Harken that he held
That's a lot, to dump at once on to the market
But good timing, he made a two-hundred percent profit
Eight Hundred and Fifty Grand on the deal
At it's top price on the exchange, what a sale
'Cause Eight days later Harken Oil reports
That it's down twenty-five percent and dropping more
Who's guilty of insider trading here
When you look at the facts George Bush should appear
Even though he insists, he never got information
And was unaware of any kind of dire situation
No one has ever announced who made the purchase
An unidentified buyer, it's almost perfect
He also violated S.E.C. regulations
To announce your deals to them, by a month after you make them
But dad was President, controlled the commission
In charge of investigating his own son's suspicion
And you wonder why, he was never punished
The case against him was dropped, now it's over & done with

[Outro: x8]
What do we want (Peace), when do we want it (Now)

2 Phenomenal Flows - Cale Sampson

Written By: C. Sampson

Get ready y'all
To sing a little song with me
Let's give it all that we got
You gotta try and keep up
Just follow me
It goes like this

[Chorus: x2]
Alright (Alright) Alright (Alright)
Right Here (Right Here) Right Here (Right Here)
Hear This (Hear This) Hear This (Hear This)
This Flow (This Flow) This Flow (This Flow)

[Verse 1:]
My words emerge and splurge in many herds
While every verb observed is heard and later merged
Don't learn to be discouraged, disturbed or get deterred
From unassured concerns, prefer to surge superb
Test your courage, to encourage what's on your nerves
I'm on the verge of a flow that'll leave people submerged
In reserve, conserved and it's preserved
So that when I'm overheard you won't believe what just occurred
I'm getting you lured, into the rhythm of lyricism
Givin' visions of livin' in realism divisions
Driven by revisions in collisions of indecisions
Organism risen from origins and beginnings
Making you listen efficiently and sufficient
Different emissions dismissin' and quizzin' all them deficients
Unconditioned, positions who petition the wisdom
When their greatest competition's opposite to opposition
That's the premonition, existin' in definition
Ain't no repetition of superstitions will be assistin'
Distant, inefficient, inconsistent, inhibitions
Insistently persistin' on twistin' the unforgiven
I venture on a mission, for inner recognition
Cognitional condition erases all your suspicion
Hidden inquisition trapped in memory reminiscence
Break you down like malnutrition or human decompositions


[Verse 2:]
Linguistically, expertisedly, non deceivingly
With decency were pleasin' peeps using frequencies of recentcy
Unconceivably the word fat becomes obesity
Leisurely with easity these sounds move evenly
Appeasin' me, pleasin' me, I don't need to be in your regency
To make it so your feelin' me, hearin' me, seein' me
Absorbing the scenery, unbelievably clear to see
That everybody near to me is thinking coherently
Hope you listen to the oracle, I'm super metaphorical
Extremely portable through audio recordables
Unignorable, my words are so informable
Try and absorb it all, you'll find it's very rewardful
Entering another orbital, never been explored before
Where energy's restorable and equally proportional
Everybody's got eachother's backs, were supportable
Survival is affordable, our lives are gloryful
Head to our heals, we feel internal appeal
Like hunger satisfied from nutritional meals
Surreal starvation, refusing to yield
Everything I consume gets locked inside and concealed


"2 Phenomenal Flows"

Nothing To Prove

Written By: Cale Sampson

Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: The Big Picture
Song: Nothing to Prove

Nothing to prove,
( I got ) Nothing to lose,
( if you ) Stepped in my shoes
( you would ) see what it’s like
( I got ) Nothing to prove,
( And there’s ) Nothing to lose,
( So I’ll ) Keep makin’ moves
And singing on this mic

[Verse One]
It’s time for you to think outside of the box
The music I make’s not your typical hip hop
I can do the punch line thing, but it’s easy for me
It’s boring, I’d rather say something that’s important
There’s a difference between me and other rappers
All you have to do is listen to the subject matter
Ain’t nobody else trying to enlighten your minds
Putting their life on the line, with what they’re writing in rhymes
Who’s speaking out, informing the average Joe
With the courage to go against the status quo
So don’t compare or try to categorize me
With other people who don’t deserve to be beside me
Cuz’ what I’m doing is way bigger than rap
Your head’s in the sand, if you can’t figure out that
In fact, it’s a whole new style I’m creating
I call it info-rap, people say it’s ground breaking

Nothing to prove,
( I got ) Nothing to lose,
( if you ) Stepped in my shoes
( you would ) see what it’s like
( I got ) Nothing to prove,
( And there’s ) Nothing to lose,
( So I’ll ) Keep makin’ moves
And singing on this mic

[Verse Two]
When it comes to business, I’m through giving breaks
Since I focused on myself man, I’ve been doing great
And I’ve done it on my own, without a record label
No distribution, but still made a ton of sales
Managing myself, I’ve been selling out shows
Performing with acts that are internationally known
Holding my own, with any artist on stage
Across the globe, and I’ve got a growing fan base
Cuz’ I treat every concert as if it’s my last
Like it’s life or death, every time I’m spitting a rap
I’m kickin’ ass, everyone’s sick of the crap
That’s on the radio, we don’t wanna listen to that
And the industry never paid attention before
I won a best songwriter of the year award
So the taste of success, I’m loving it man
Cuz’ anyone that’s doubted me, now I’m rubbing it in
( I’ve got )

Nothing to prove,
( I got ) Nothing to lose,
( if you ) Stepped in my shoes
( you would ) see what it’s like
( I got ) Nothing to prove,
( And there’s ) Nothing to lose,
( So I’ll ) Keep makin’ moves
And singing on this mic

[Verse Three]
If there’s no content, than it’s not impressive
To me, it’s less about the flow and more about the message
My goal’s to educate, and music’s the most effective
Medium, to be someone that the youth can connect with
The beat’s up tempo, catchy when you hear it
But I’m just really trying to make you listen to the lyrics
Cuz’ the state of the world now is unsettling
It keeps me up at night, while y’all are settled in
Off in la-la-land, guess ignorance is bliss
How are you contributing, or are you just oblivious
Who cares about money, I’ve never sold out
To become more popular and not help anyone else
That’s not what it’s about, and don’t forget
I’ve worked twice as hard as you, you better show respect
Plus I know when I’m old, just before my death
I’ll look myself in the mirror, and I’ll have no regrets
( Cuz’ I have )

Nothing to prove,
( I got ) Nothing to lose,
( if you ) Stepped in my shoes
( you would ) see what it’s like
( I got ) Nothing to prove,
( And there’s ) Nothing to lose,
( So I’ll ) Keep makin’ moves
And singing on this mic

Jamie's Song

Written By: Cale Sampson

Artist: Cale Sampson Feat. Lori Nuic
Album: The Big Picture
Song: Jamie’s Song

[Chorus: Lori Nuic]
Miracles come true
When you least expect them
One might happen to you
Don’t give up on love

[Verse One: Cale Sampson]
I broke up with a girl, were no longer together
I’m contemplating, quitting music forever
Used to think it was my destiny, writing these songs
Maybe I’ve just been lying to myself all along
People say I’m the sickest MC they’ve ever seen
But I’m taking too long to get my album released
It’s not cheap, that’s why I keep going into debt
Trying to follow my dreams, and now my girlfriend left
So I’m at my dad’s place, sleeping on the floor
Feeling depressed, the only place I can afford
I should just conform and be like more of my friends
Man I’m getting too old to be starting over again
Trying to reverse my luck, what can I tell ya
It’s like life’s raining on me and I got no umbrella
And I feel cornered, I’m against the ropes
My only choice is to fight through and have a little hope
I’ve been walking with my head down, practically blind
Missing opportunities that were passing me by
Once you lift your head up, a new world appears
That you couldn’t see before and everything becomes clear
If you stay strong through the darkness comes light
That’s what happened to me, I met the love of my life
When I wasn’t expecting, a miracle occurred
Her name is Jamie and this song is for her

[Chorus: Lori Nuic]
Miracles come true
When you least expect them
One might happen to you
Don’t give up on love

[Verse Two: Cale Sampson]
Now everything’s gotten better, I moved in with my girl
Life is great, feels like I’m on top of the world
Cuz’ the power of love defies obstacles
And it can make you believe anything is possible
And there’s nothing, we can’t achieve together
Like a team that just keeps getting stronger than ever
She’s down with the music, not consumed by wealth
And knows pursuing your dreams is what life is all about
So then I finally released my album
Couldn’t believe it, a sold out show was the outcome
Had to pinch myself to make sure it was true
Man it’s amazing what a positive attitude can do
That’s why I smile when I go to bed at night
Sometimes I can’t fall asleep, I feel great about my life
You can work towards your goals on your own and by yourself
But it’s more fulfilling when you can share them with someone else
I won’t forget driving that four wheeler
With Jamie on my back through the hills in Costa Rica
Or travelling to Paris, Lisbon, Venice
There’s many more to come, all our adventures are endless
Were meant for each other, like two soul mates
And the spark will still be there at the end of our days
Beauty’s only skin deep, so when our looks fade away
I’ll still be reading poems to her when I’m old and I’m gray
And I wrote this one here, to inspire all those
Who’s hearts have been broken, who are losing their hope
When you least expect it, a miracle can come true
Don’t ever give up on love, cuz’ this song is for you

[Chorus: Lori Nuic]
Miracles come true
When you least expect them
One might happen to you
Don’t give up on love

Reach Up

Written By: Cale Sampson

Artist: Cale Sampson
Album: The Big Picture
Song: Reach Up

( People ), it’s time to unite
Time to reach up and defend all our rights
( We know ), there’s so many people in pain
It’s time to reach up, time to create a change
( People ), it’s time that we speak
Time to reach up and demand world peace
( We know ), that we’ve all got to believe
We’ve got to reach up if we want to be free

[Verse One]
The top one percent of the population
Owns forty percent of the wealth
Over thirty thousand children die every day
In poverty from lack of health
This wealth gap keeps increasing between rich and poor
There’s more slavery now than ever before
Although democracy’s supposed to be equal
Government is controlled by a small group of people
Bankers and corporations are in charge
They finance presidents who then help them make laws
All the candidates are really pre-selected
So it doesn’t matter which party ends up elected
Central banks control the money supply
The crazy thing is that they’re all privatized
Every dollar that’s printed and ever exists
Is a loan that we need to pay back with interest
The fractional reserve system’s a scam
That keeps the whole nation in debt and that’s the plan
This is happening across the whole entire
World, it only leads to global empire
The U.S. uses the world bank and I.M.F.
To pay off politicians and put countries in debt
That debt’s so big, they can never repay
So they’re forced to sell all their resources as a trade
At the end of the day, it’s all nothing more than
Economic bribery and extortion
So more and more people are becoming desperate
Potential terrorists that can be arrested
And your home can be searched now without a warrant
You can be detained indefinitely and tortured
These laws are designed to destroy our liberties
So when we fight back it limits our abilities

( People ), it’s time to unite
Time to reach up and defend all our rights
( We know ), there’s so many people in pain
It’s time to reach up, time to create a change
( People ), it’s time that we speak
Time to reach up and demand world peace
( We know ), that we’ve all got to believe
We’ve got to reach up if we want to be free

[Verse Two]
We live in a system based on profit
Regardless of what the environmental cost is
So in this society, monetary gain
Always comes first before people’s well being
Now think about the theory of supply and demand
Everything is worth more the less of it that’s on hand
If the goal’s to make money by any means
It makes sense to deny people of what they need
In reality, energy is abundant
There’s no need for anyone to die of hunger
Everyone on earth could be housed if we wanted
But technology that could help isn’t funded
Instead businesses that control market share
Purposely keep all our resources scarce
People are forced to fight, cheat or lie
Cuz’ there’s not enough money for us all to survive
When greed and corruption is rewarded
It means our whole value system is distorted
We need to think critically, change our perception
Almost everything we’ve been told is a deception
For centuries, things like race and religion
Have been used to keep us focused on division
We’ve been conditioned to see ourselves as different
From everything else and that’s the point were missing
Humans are trained to look at disparities
That are trivial compared to our similarities
And not just with people, were talking about
Completely detaching from nature itself
Our planet’s a system that’s interconnected
Everything we do, something else is affected
Without animals, elements or plants
We can’t survive on this earth, humans have no chance
So look at everything as an extension of you
Atomically were all the same it’s just a different world view
And the faster this realization spreads
The better off the world will be moving ahead

[Chorus x 2]


Year Title Label
2013 The Big Picture Independent
2009 Cale Sampson Heads Connect
2008 Supertoke 3 Heads Connect
2007 Supertoke Mixtape Vol. 2 Heads Connect
2007 Heads Connect Compilation Heads Connect
2006 Brockway Ent. Compilation Brockway Ent
2006 Supertoke Mixtape Vol. 1 After Midnight
2005 The Truth About Rap PTR Music
2005 Legendary Gatherings ICM Records
2004 Facts of War Compilation ICM Records
2004 Roxton Chronicles After Midnight
2003 Open Canvas EP ( Vinyl ) Bent Penny
2003 Open Canvas After Midnight
2002 Rhythmicwho ?!!! After Midnight

Set List

A typical set is 25-45 mins.

1. Remember The Name ( 2 Verses )
2. Potential ( 2 Verses )
3. Acapella ( Spoken Word Piece )
4. C-A-L-E
5. Face It ( 2 Verses )
6. Hip Hop Head
7. 2 Phenomenal Flows
8. 'Til I Met You ( 2 Verses )
9. Reach Up