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I'm a professional rapper... 2008ighties!!!


Calez is a 20 year -old gifted emcee, producer, and composer whose roots come from the south side of Chicago. His music speaks passion and dedication into the ears of its listeners. He is part of a Hip Hop crew called BRKF$T Club/2008ighties, all very unique and talented.

Calez started getting into Hip Hop seriously around 10 or 11. He would pen rhymes here and there and study his craft by listening to many legendary rap artists. He had a penchant for listening to the radio and would tune in to artists like Jay-Z and Mase that made him want to pursue hip-hop. Being from Chicago, Calez isn’t the average artist locked into one sound. Not having a signature sound is what makes him and his 2008ighties crew so unique. His inspiration in music stems from different types of artist such as Big L, Nas and Pharrell. “Pharrell, Kanye, J Dilla, Primo, and Flying Lotus helped me find my production flow.”?– Calez

Tony Touch dropped Calez songs Rapaveli and Ultrasound on Shade 45 in 2012. He’s also been featured on MTVU with his BRKF$T CLUB crew. During a radio run in NY, Calez got a co-sign from acclaimed emcee Jadakiss while visiting Shade 45. “Young heat from the Chi right here. Stay tuned, pay attention and recognize what’s going on, you heard it here first from ya boy Kiss.”

Calez released his debut solo mix-tape entitled The Bus Stop on May 12th, 2010 and its sequel entitled Is Calez Famous Yet? was released on May 12th, 2011.

In February of 2012, The Kid Calez dropped his debut album “A Kid With Raps.” Now with a larger following, he teamed up with major hip-hop sites 2 DopeBoyz, DJ Booth and Chicago staples Ruby Hornet and GoWhereHipHop in June to release “Kid With Raps: Deluxe”? that garnered attention from both a fan and press perspective (SPIN, Complex, The Source, Impose Magazine, Respect, Ruby Hornet, and UK’s Soul Culture amongst a myriad of trusted sites and magazines on hip-hop).

Calez’s music is a culmination of the past sounds of Hip Hop’s golden era and the present. Furthermore, him and his crew pay homage to the culture's past while working to shape it’s future. Calez is definitely an artist to watch.

Hometown: Chicago

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The Bus Stop (2010)
Is Calez Famous Yet? (2011)
Kid With Raps (2012)

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