Calhoun is a balanced blend of each members musical diversity. Ranging from influences such as Etta James, Suede, Wilco, Marty Robbins, Pavement and Daniel Johnston, Calhoun earnestly embodies the integrity of these great acts.


Falter • Waver • Cultivate

Depending upon what part of the country you’re in you may or may not have heard of Calhoun yet, but when you listen you will know. You will know that Calhoun is picking up where many others have left off. Picking up and taking off with breathtaking views and sweeping wide open sounds. A worthy companion to the epic landscapes and big skies of Texas, from where Calhoun hails.

Singer and songwriter for the band, Tim Locke is well known amongst the Fort Worth scene for his work with former bands Dead City Radio and Coma Rally. In Calhoun, Locke soars to a new level of soundscape glory with a band worthy of his grand vision. Blending folk, rock and pop genres effortlessly, Calhoun envelopes the listener within their music and lyrics that in time can seep into the psyche and take hold with its building grip.

Falter.Waver.Cultivate is Calhoun’s third record and really the first as a full-time band. Grammy®-winning producer/engineer Stuart Sikes (The White Stripes, Cat Power, Hot Hot Heat) helped recreate in the studio the same crackling kinetic energy that has captivated live audiences throughout the band’s native Texas and on its frequent forays across the country.

Locke credits those audiences for persuading band members to truly dedicate themselves to Calhoun’s ongoing success. We were very encouraged by peoples’ responses on our first couple of trips out across the midwest, he says. We were doing other things on the side, but each of us chose to set those projects aside and give Calhoun our total focus. A focus and commitment that becomes quite evident when one experiences Calhoun live.

Falter.Waver.Cultivate reflects the newfound cohesiveness that developed while touring in support of Calhoun’s 2006 self-titled album. The last record was still basically a singer/songwriter record, Locke says. I went into the studio with a bunch of songs written on the acoustic guitar and just had people I knew come in and play whatever they wanted. There were a lot of overdubs and a lot of drum loops and it was just a stylistic mish-mash.

Now this record-this is the band, he adds. It’s not entirely live; obviously there are some overdubs. But it’s the band and it’s real. It’s raw. Everything is quite dry. And it’s the way we sound on a stage. I’ve never made a record with so few tricks and to be honest, it was a little terrifying.

The we in Calhoun is Locke (lead vocals, guitar), longtime collaborator Byron Gordon (bass), Jordan Roberts (guitar, keys), and Mike Ratliff (drums). Together, their music has been described as full of catchy melodies and irresistible hooks, and even as gorgeous, melodic, sorta poppy, sorta rootsy, sorta rockin’, really splendid music.

You can call it what you will, but Locke says, We’re just a pop band. Then he laughingly concedes a nod to the root-rock and alt-country influences that others hear in the band’s music: Well, let’s say we’re just a pop band with a pedal steel thrown in occasionally.

Calhoun will tour throughout the Midwest this spring, including a prime showcase slot at the SXSW Music Festival. Northeast and West Coast dates will follow in the summer.

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bright eyes

Written By: t locke

my little bright eyes comes at the down times nobody's more sincere
shipwrecked with bonfires in love with your liar bright eyes lets blind man steer i took a chance and put it all on black i got to make peace now

bright eyes don't ask
the lights you think you see aren't real the diamond's glass confidence fear i don't want you to know how far we had to go just to hear the sound of breathing

my little bright eyes folds at the weird times high in the atmosphere hand me your paycheck you're breaking your neck i stare down the afternoon
i had to laugh you put it all on black you got to make peace now

these are the dead days

Written By: t locke

these are the dead days
we're living in this the new permanent haze hanging around our heads
don't kid yourself this won't improve
we are just prisoners now
where no good thing can soothe

so i'm alright with your bitterness
cos if you loved this place you'd be crazy or possessed

cat got your tongue in our old neighborhood
i can look back and now understand that this was when life was good
you hope for some highs god knows there'll be lows but it's mostly just numbness between til you don't know how bad it can go
i had no idea

kick drum mind

Written By: t locke

when i'm down you kick me hard
when i'm up that was just good luck
when i feel no pain out come the claws you sink'em into me again

cos i got a kickdrum mind
hollow and out of time my life's a garage band sloppy with no real plans you said you were on my side i should've known that it was the ides

what's that like? to drift thru the day with mind of a child you know you'll get away with murdering the change that you promised me was coming today


i know you can do this alone


calhoun-the year that never was

Set List

songs from both records along with select covers:
these are the dead days
bright eyes
edge of the earth
welcome mat
silent jagged years
thrown in the universe
sunken eyes shaky knees

one 45-70 minute set