Psychedelic dance rock that forms a life of its own. Melodic rock ballads that take the shape of a modern day opera.


Stepping outside the ordinary into extraordinary! Influences from Radiohead to Ryan Adams, Cali makes a statement in a predominately male genre. Originally abstract lyrics, yet relatable to anyone who suffers in their moments of weakness. A powerful live rock show with her european twist and trashy drums remix, you are sure to walk away surprisingly refreshed yet completely exhausted from her sultry vocals to her charismatic energy! She is a voice with something to say, more than just the mundane. A talent unheard of by a female vocalist. Her dark sex appeal and piercing blue eyes translates into an uncommon beauty only to capture her audience with one glance!


Nightmares Encouraged (EP) - "Uh Oh," "Freshwater Babies," "Can't Even Cry," "You 3"

Set List

35-45 min set
No Covers, All Original

Worst Way
You 3
Freshwater Babies
Bare With Me
Can't Even Cry
Uh Oh
Without A Fight