Caliber 66

Caliber 66


Caliber 66 is an up and coming metal band with a fierce live performance, huge backline, massive sound and crazy breakdowns, it's no wonder we're known for one thing. When we come to town the crowd is going home with something they've never experienced before.


COURT TV you say? Caliber 66 fits that profile. Filmed for Court TV on February 16th 2006 at Peabody's Downunder for a segment called America's Toughest Clubs. The well known song Violence, also featured on EPW, RAW, and now used for this segment on Court TV, is Caliber 66's best known song. With the breakdown lyrics being Violence makes the world go round, it is true but a powerful phrase at that. Known for playing as many shows as possible in a week, even more shows that their are days, yes we've done that Caliber 66 fronts itself as being a in your face metal band. With a fierce stageshow, huge backline and powerful breakdowns it's no wonder why Caliber 66 is gaining ground in the music scene. With national shows with bands from Fear Factory to Mushroomhead, currently working on a label and recent invite to play on the Ozzfest bill and Warp tour it can be seen the band is moving forward quickly. Caliber 66 keeps things personal though, by taking pictures and posting them from every show with fans, staying afterwords to hang out with the fans, and giving back to the community at local benefits. Caliber 66 usually keeps a busy schedule (because thats the way we like it) that can be found at


Caliber 66 can be heard on such radio stations as WMMS 100.7, EXTREME radio 92.3, and many local college radio stations native to cleveland. You can also find us on Pure Volume and YouTube.

Set List

Set list:
Kick Punch Murder
(cover from below)
Malicious Intent
(cover from below)
Bury the Masses
Rip It Out
(cover from below)

Plus there are also 5 songs we rotate in and out of the set.
Typical sets are between 45 minutes to an hour.

Caliber 66 has 3 cover songs we do:
War Machine - Kiss/Six Feet Under
Primal Concrete Sledge - Pantera
Refuse/Resist - Sepultura