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She is Found-single
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Caliber 9 is a four member alternative/rock band from San Antonio, Texas. The group has recorded songs and their sound continues to gain popularity in the San Antonio area. In just a few months the band has developed a name for themselves with their wide range of sound. From electric blues to classic rock and having the ability to cover legendary artist such as ACDC, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles the band is gaining respect from around town. The band compliments each other well with passionate solo's from Steven, crisp rhythmic guitar from Chris, and deep flowing bass from Kyle and a perfectly tempo drum from Kyle V. In addition, the vocals bring variaty to their music. Chris has a gentle smooth voice compared to Steven who has a more rough voice. Both are powerful singers and harmonize well together.
Caliber 9 was formed in 2008 when Chris Verette and Steven Smith collaborated their interest in classic rock while still attending high school. The then three man band added their former drummer and long-time friend Marshal O’Crehan. Their mature sound quality and self- written songs soon became popular within the young crowd. Shortly after, the group began playing at local venues peaking the interest in a wide range of individuals. However, they desired a well experienced bassist so Chris could transfer to the Rhythm guitar and Steven with lead guitar. They had in mind a long time friend who, oddly enough, had just moved back to San Antonio. Kyle Saenz was then added as the fourth member of Caliber 9. Soon after the band received their magic bassist, the drummer received information about a necessary surgery due to an aneurism in his brain. The band needed a talented drummer that could learn their songs in a short time for their upcoming shows. They found a perfect match when Kyle Vermuehlen came to a jam practice. The band decided to make the well experienced drummer a permanent member of Caliber 9 after their first show together. From there, these amazing four young artist continue to play for local venues and record their songs in the studio.
The young group consists of four members from San Antonio, Texas. Chris Verette, 19, is the lead vocals and rhythm guitar. He has been playing guitar since 10 years old when he first taught himself by playing songs from The White Album of The Beatles. Steven Smith, 19, takes over lead guitar and backup vocals. Coincidentally Steven was born the day Steven Ray Vaughn died therefore is named after the great musician. In the short time Steven has been playing guitar he has become to be a passionate and talented guitar player. Kyle Saenz, 20, on the bass guitar originally started with a jazz bass in 8th grade until influenced by Pink Floyd, The Doors, Elliot Smith just to name a few. Kyle Vermeulen,19, who was born in South Africa first started playing drums at 8 years old on a traditional set. When he came to America he got a drum set and started a pervious band with Chris. The group has been playing with the former members for a short time and has gained much support from people. The band is very family based and is in constant contact with their families, friends and fans.
In the future the band would hope to gain a continuous number of growing fans and have their audience connect to their music with each performance. They would like the success to move people and acknowledge Caliber9 from other inspiring artists. They also hope their music encourages you to become a unique individual and inspires you to value all music and its importance. Their influences are greatly honored and they hope someday to have the same ability to influence future bands. Caliber9 believes that SXSW would be a great opportunity to open the doors to their new future.