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History in Hindsight ~ 2007 EP
Rumors and Proclamations ~ 2006 Demo
**Recorded at Dream Catchers studio**



It wasn't a long, drawn-out process putting together Caliber Session. Some say it was fate that brought us together. If so, fate must have been really hung-over that day. A guitar player from a metal band, a singer from an alt-rock band, bass player from a punk band, and a revolving door in the drummer's seat. We gave a rhythm guitarist a shot, and while we liked the dynamic it added, it just didn't feel right. After almost deciding to go the single-guitar route, we found a guy with a solid foundation, an addiction to effects pedals, and a taste for WAY too much Jagermeister. Now, we needed a drummer.

Sure, at the time we already had one, but we needed a new drummer. We needed OUR drummer. I'd love to say that the perfect drummer just fell into our lap, but we aren't that kind of band. We got a tip that there was a great drummer who had just gotten out of a band looking for something to do. We knew from the moment we first saw him bang the drums with the aggression of a madman that this was, in fact, OUR drummer. I mean, he hit those drums like he just found them sleeping with his girl. They never knew what hit 'em. It was beautiful.

So, with the lineup complete, we continue to play shows. We don't have many theatrics. We can't afford pyro or jaw-dropping light shows. We just put on an honest, straight-up Rock show. Some say we sound like other bands including: Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, and 30 Seconds to Mars. That's entirely possible, but not intentional. We play from our hearts, not from what's hot on the radio. Our music is crunchy and you can understand the words most of the time. We aren't necessarily a "thinking man's" band, but chances are you can relate to at least one facet of our music.

Our biggest goal is to give people the same experience live as they get with our recordings. We don't use industry tricks in the studio because we feel that those little idiosyncrasies are what make music true. We have spent many hours recording our two releases. Our demo, "Rumors and Proclamations" and the recently released studio EP "History in Hindsight" were both recorded with Eric Watters at Dream Catcher Studios. We are now working on writing new material for our first full-length album set to release in the fall.

Our fans are extremely vocal. They have created a separate entity called the Caliber Session Alliance (or CSA) to support us. They scream the words to every song, sometimes even louder than the vocals. They are passionate and are the reason we do what we do.

We've spent the last few years paying our dues in the Birmingham regional scene. In a city where original local music is passed over in favor of the latest radio single, we fight it out in the trenches for every member we can add to our ranks. Whether you enjoy the lyrics, music, or just an honest rock show, there is something for everyone with Caliber Session.