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Milano, Lombardy, Italy | INDIE

Milano, Lombardy, Italy | INDIE
Band Alternative Funk


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8 out of 10

Few bands are playing classic soundtrack themes from the '70s...
Most of them are funny lounge bands, some of them remix the songs, but Calibro35 choose a raw and dark instrumental rock approach, not forgetting the psycho funk and soul jazz flavours requested by the genre.

"Titles" from Italia a Mano Armata by Micalizzi serves as the intro for the other 13 gems on the album. Some of them are almost un-heard before, as "Summertime Killer" and "Notte in Boivsa" (original composition by the band), others are quite known as Morricone's "Indagine su Un Cittadino", the psychedelic anthem "GangsterStory" by DeAngelis Bros and "Calibro9" prog rock theme called "Preludio".
- Apache edizioni


"live instrumentation handled beautifully, in ways that bring something new to the tunes, but remain very faithful to their original inspiration"

Rockstar: "Ci regalano un'emozionante miscellanea... che rende il loro disco un raro motivo d'orgoglio di sentirsi italiani" ****

RockIt: "il coraggio di mettersi in gioco nonostante l'altisonanza dei paragoni, divertimento, bravura"

BlowUp: "La filologia ora si bagna di un torbido suono nero e rock" 7/8

LostHighways: "Si viene catturati: C'è il funk, c'è il soul, c'è il rumore"

Rumore: "...Calibro35 opta per un un crudo e cupo impatto... 8/10"

Impatto Sonoro: "Il sovrapporsi di cori, basso, piano, organi, fiati e lapsteel è perfetto"

MoovieGrooves: "played with verve and passion... FANTASTIC!"

Kalporz: "un assoluto trionfo su tutta la linea" : "A rendere questo lavoro eccellente è un uso super adeguato dei diversi strumenti che sono coniugati l'un l'altro in modo ineccepibile. 9/10" - Quotes from the press

""Italian soundtrack funk that sounds like Goblin recording at Stax!""

"Italian soundtrack funk that sounds like Goblin recording at Stax!"
- Wax Poetics Magazine

"We are definitely preserving Italian music here on KCRW with Calibro 35..."
- Lisa Richardson, KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic

"Italians do it better with a new album of cult retro film scores. "
- Dolce&Gabbana Swide Magazine

"Don't download; buy it. Buy two copies. Hell, make it four copies. And tell them The Great Tyrant sent you."
- Dagon Temple Blog (UK)

"Calibro 35 gave us a memorable performance. Groovy as hell and psychedelically warped."
- Cult Review (Belgium)

"played with verve and passion... FANTASTIC!"
- Movie Groove

"live instrumentation handled beautifully, in ways that bring something new to the tunes, but remain very faithful to their original inspiration""
- Dusty Groove

"Calibro 35 director Tommaso Colliva taps into the vibe of 60s and 70s Italian soundtracks for this grooving contemporary album which ebbs from smoking to sinister. Cool studio effects color the live instrumentation, as the free-flowing mix of jazz, funk, rock, classical and improvisation sets the cinema ablaze. Recommended. "
- WDCE 90.1 FM

"Really digging this band from Milan, Italy called Calibro 35"
- Future Sounds - Various quote from the net


_ "Calibro 35" (Cinedelic records 2008) available on CD and 2LP
_ "Calibro 35" (Venus Dischi) reissue w/1 bonus track
_ "Said OST" (RoadHouse 2009) forthcoming CD
_ "L'Uomo Dagli Occhi di Ghiaccio" track on "Il Paese E' Reale" compilation
_ "I Milanesi Ammazzano il Sabato" track on "MI-Indies" compilation
_ "La Banda Del Brasiliano OST" (Cinedelic 2010) 2 tracks
_"Ritornano Quelli Di..." (Ghost Records/Cargo UK - Nublu Records US) available on CD and 2LP



Researches begun years ago, diggin’ dusty vinyl crates for obscure samples. The discovery of Italian '60s and '70s soundtracks was a crucial point; from that moment on nothing sounded as good and interesting as electrifying tracks from exploitation movies.
By the summer of 2007 time was ready and producer Tommaso Colliva invited an incredible jam band formed by Massimo Martellotta on guitars and lapsteels, Enrico Gabrielli keyboards and brass, Fabio Rondanini on drums and Luca Nano Cavina on bass to record at omniaB studios in Milan. During that first two days long recording session Calibro 35 became a killer combo performing classic and obscure themes, trying to bring something contemporary to the compositions but still remaining very respectful to the originals. Original tunes appeared soon with the same aim, recreating the attitude, the sound and that strange mixture between jazz, funk, rock, classical and improvisation that made Italian soundtracks known worldwide.
The first self-titled album came out on October 2008 on Cinedelic records and got some enthusiastic reviews on Italian and international press. Calibro 35 played more than one hundred shows between 2008 and 2010 and won Best Indipendent Live Act at MEI.
On February 2010 the new album was released in Italy on Ghost Records. “Ritornano Quelli di… Calibro 35” was recorded and mixed in Milan in 2009. The album contains 5 covers, 4 of which are soundtracks to famous Italian cop movies composed by some of the greatest Italian film composers, and 8 original songs. The band opened for Muse at SanSiro stadium early this summer and will perform in London in July. Calibro 35 are set to release “Ritornano Quelli di… Calibro 35” on July 2010 as their debut UK and US album.