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In the spirit of "groups" like The Polyphonic Spree and Nashvilles own Muzak Mafia, Calico Blur has created a home for many talented musicians, to calloborate and create works of art. "The Hub", Anthony Homack and Jim Hurley (from the bands moibus trip and Infrequency), have joined with musician Chris Dunn to form the core base of a music "group" that has no bounds. With music that's geared toward the coffee house crowd, you open yourself up to different possibilities. Sometimes you just need to turn the volume down and focus on the music.


Waiting for Joe - 2006

Set List

Original Music

1. A Few Lines
2. Several Days in Pasadena
3. Little One
4. Melancholy
5. Content
6. Daisy Song
7. Look Ahead
8. Taos Hum
9. Dwarf Widow
10. Found My Heaven
11. What I Have Become
12. Trip to the Moon
13. Going Home
14. Its All Good

Cover Songs

1. Country Roads (John Denver)
2. Little Ghost (White Stripes)
3. Rainbow Connection
4. Ripple (Grateful Dead)
5. Spiralling (Erasure)
6. Last Day (Sinead O'Connor)
7. I'll Fly Away
8. The Weight (The Band)