California Stop

California Stop


California Stop = catchy. The hook is pop-sensibilities meets alternative tone & body-movin' grooves. This radiant chemistry is familiar yet rare, a rock band that absorbs the infectious rhythms of reggae & worldbeat...Nostalgic & hip like a "Rock-N-Roll UB40".


California Stop is a genre-bending "island-flavor" rock group from Hampton Virginia. In only a short time the band built a dynamic soundtrack to a celebratory show that has captivated audiences throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Their engaging live show and vibrant, hook-filled tunes have earned them regional street-cred and given their position in the mid-atlantic college and club circuits plenty of "buzz" to build on.

The tunes are mostly dance-based but the band enjoys the dynamic of styles that stretch outside of the "fun-n-happy" vibe. Luckily, both new and old fans welcome the maturity and contrasting vibes of the softer and more straight ahead material the band can branch into. A well-crafted foundation of influences is firmly intact and has led to a rare and clever personal challange to mash things up style wise. Such diverse artists as Jason Mraz, Weezer, Maroon5, Dave Matthews Band, AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Paul Simon and O.A.R. are among the more known artitsts that have influenced the band. The strongest influences however are acts like Virginia Coalition, The Clarks, Carbon Leaf, Pat McGee Band and Fighting Gravity who all play a powerful part in influencing the band from the very beginning and still do to this day.

California Stop has become a sort of musical chemistry lab by bending and blending the elements of pop, rock, ska, worldbeat, pop-punk, reggae, funk, soul and folk. One minute the band is whirling thru a pop-rock, a light, bouncy, reggae-tinged number. Top it all off with a tender, worldbeat ballad and a splash of indie charm in a rootsy, acoustic tune and well, you get the picture. It's a formula that few have succeeded in mastering. Nostalgic and hip like a "rock-n-roll UB40", California Stop delivers infectious fun with lots of heart.

Latest Update: 8/2006
The guys are currently recording and gearing up to release a debut album at the amazing Norva Theater in Norfolk, VA.


Spent The Rent

Written By: Baines Kinnison

well there on the roof top and up six flights I have a sanctuary lit with Christmas tree lights
A little place where I feel free, dance with me it has no frills and it’s not G.Q. just a cold concrete wall and a view for the cigarettes and water balloons, we can throw down
I have a nice radio to supply grooves but the kilowatts cut right into turn-off notice came today hip-hop horray I’m washin’ my hands in the gold fish bowl because my water bills’ months in the hole
credit card maxed out again

it’s not much but I try to get by
and the mess I hope you don’t mind it gets a little loud from the neighbor next door and the stove has to keep us warm I spent the rent and I wonder why
Maybe it was you and our good time I spent the rent, la dat da, I spent the rent

well in my dream there is no land-lord and the pay phone has a new cord maintenance man he my best friend but he shouts cut-off and past due the sounds I wake up to
sang to the hero by the enemy

so you and I both know what I’ve been through and it’s love that is really overdue a little somethin’ we call somethin’ what I need
had a premonition
I spent the rent
then when I met you
I spent the rent
I had a fortune
I spent the rent
it was on you, it was on you


SINGLES: Released on
"Spent The Rent"
"Come On Love"
"Five On Friday"
"Finally Free"
"Shake That Thing"

2002 RADIO PLAY: "27 Years" 93.7 The Coast

2005 RADIO PLAY: "Spent The Rent" FM99 WNOR Homegrown Program & WCNU College Radio

6 song EP: "Broadway Mile" 2002 - Belly Of The Whale

Current EP: "Little Grey Machine" 2005 - California Stop

Debut LP: Release set for Fall 2006 - California Stop

Set List

The band prefers one of the following set arrangements:

* 45 minute set/ hour break/ 90-105 minute concert set + encores.

* 45-60 minute set by a supporting act followed by a California Stop 90-105 minute concert set + encores.


54-46 Was My Number (Toots & Maytals)
Time Of Day (Good Guys)
Land Down Under (Men At Work)
Melt With You (Modern English)
Highway To Hell (AC/DC)
Let's Get It On (Marvin Gaye)
Sally Brown (The Skatalites)
Walk With Me (Fighting Gravity)
Lost In The Rain (Fighting Gravity)
Awake Alive (Falstaff)
Follow Through (Gavin DeGraw)