Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

It closes a cycle, a move coinciding with a change of era, with an economic crisis that is changing our lifestyle. The last element of this trip Calima is fire, that while that is light, it is also a powerful force that sweeps. As in that traditional agriculture which burned everything to then plant and the ash surjiese life, but with a different strength. "Firelight" is the fourth album by Calima.
A small flame is strength under control, in tiny fire is light, start, is to light the da


Is the new formation of multiethnic project has highlighted since 2007 for its fusion of flamenco with the "world music" most innovative. After being nominated for a Grammy, had collaborated with renowned artists such as Bebe, Macaque, The Shica, the Mari of Chambao .... have rotated through the world and thrilled audiences all kinds .... Now, after five years, and in 2013, we find a new phase of the project. Calima carries over a year redefining a new band, a new form of expression and communication is a reality in the scenes of their tours. Bea Garcia, from Cornellà the world, the voice and the "candle" stage. At the base the usual: Juanlu "Canijo" composer, bassist, producer and soul of the project, known in the mestizo music scene for being the founder and music producer Ojos de Brujo in their first albums. Antonio Ramirez, Juanlu musical partner in all its productions, Seville ... flamenco guitar, Christopher Salazar "Tobalo" our honor Gypsy, multi-instrumentalist, from the first bar to the last a musician fresh and bright ... on percussion. Laura Guillen "La Bicha", the dancer more lights, fireproof Calima from the early group wildest ... dancing, clapping and hassles. And the new signings who put salsa and joy to this combo: Alberto Perez, formerly with "Little Boy", a jazzy trumpet, Latin, Balkan ... and Lisa Bausse, from Berlin, after his long journey with the group "Crumbs" giving the Calima gipsy color .... the violin.


Azul 2007
Tierra 2009
Solo Volar 2012
Lumbre 2013