Cali Nation

Cali Nation


Singing out positive praises, party chants, reality based emotions, and conscious anthems. You will be hooked immediately by the head bobbin beat, the riff heavy bass, the catchy vocals, and the soulful guitar. Bringing you their own blend of danceable dub reggae, rock, hip hop, punk, and blues.


Founded in 1999 Cali Nation brings you a diverse array of sonic nuances based in rock, fun danceable reggae, with a twist of blues and ska. Sure to keep any music enthusiast satisfied. The extreme level of energy this band exhibits, if captured, could power California alone. The musical diversity projected here embraces catchy vocals, danceable rhythms, split-second changes, beautiful bass runs, machine-gun drum rolls, and soulful guitar solos. Playing a variety of token cover songs and original songs, Cali will be sure to have everyone singing along. Covering songs from the Eagles, Bob Marley, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, The Misfits, Led Zeppelin, and more. Even the most timid wallflower can't help but let their inner-dancer loose. It is music for the masses. Cali Nation will bring the party to any occasion. There are always good people and good times at a Cali Nation show.

Since 2002 Cali Nation has graced and frequented the following establishments:

The Catalyst - Santa Cruz
The Crow's Nest - Santa Cruz
Beale Street Bar and Grille - San Francisco
Red Devil Lounge - San Francisco
Pier 23 - San Francisco
The Aptos Club - Aptos
The Claran Lounge - Santa Clara
The Mediterranean - Aptos
Monterey Live (formerly Viva Monterey) - Monterey
Club Octane - Monterey
358 Culture Lounge - San Jose
Johnny's - Hollister
Black Box Cabaret - CSU Monterey Bay
Jim Dandy's - Prunedale
Monterey Rock & Art Festival - Monterey
Slacker's - Salinas
Grant & Green - San Francisco
Rooster's Roadhouse - Alameda
Time Out - Hayward
Old Princeton Landing - Half Moon Bay
Hoss Hogg's - South Lake Tahoe
Johhny V's - San Jose
Latitudes - Redondo Beach


Cali Nation - "The Album" LP

4 Tracks from the Album stream steadily day and night on
Check website for current play/hit counts

The album has recently gained international physical and digital distribution. It will be available to order in any record store near you or online as well as Itunes, napster, Amazon etc.

Tracks from Cali Nation "the album" continue to gain airply on a growing list of College and Internet radio shows as the buzz continues to grow.

Cali Nation is currently recording and mixing their second album slated for release winter of 06.

Set List

Hail Mary
Pass a fist
This one
Easy to be
CA Redemption
Cali Crisis
Green Room
Not Fare
Trippin' On
Help Yourself
Loco Motive
Way Back
On My Own
Dead-End Street
Love and Leaves
Perfect Crime.

As far as covers go, Cali Nation perfoms several songs by the following artists: Misfits, Bob Marley, Sublime, Jimi Hendrix, Cali Nation-laced version of the Eagles "Hotel California, Weezer's "say it aint so", The Clash's Guns of Brixton, a reggae-laced version of Cypress Hill's I wanna get high, Slightly Stoopid's "I'm so stoned", The Doors' 5 to 1, Led Zeppelin's "Dyer Maker", and the list goes on...