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My music bridges the gap between the entertaining and thought provoking aspects of music. You're guaranteed to find something that will entertain you as we'll as challenge you to think without either aspect being sacrificed for the other.


Caliph was born in Senegal West Africa and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Now residing in Boston he has built a local buzz with the help of his crew GOODkarma amongst other local outlets in Boston & New York and word of mouth. Combining his African roots and urban upbringing Caliph provides a wide range of sound along with his thought provoking and challenging lyricism. His natural adaptation to music allows him to carry out catchy and mesmerizing hooks while delivering true lyricism and wordplay. Set out to make a difference and bridge the gap between the entertaining and conscience aspects of hip hop, he has released his debut project 'Heart In Mind' (H.I.M.) on April 30th which has been reaching and inspiring people since.


Heart In Mind

Written By: Caliph

Verse 1
Story of my life since I was sixteen
As big dreams
Turned me to a victim of a ruler
Or a dozen of rulers
I was close as fourth and inches
Till them Lee Harvey Oswalds AIMed through computers
And cocked back to shoot us
Reminiscing of X but the second floor balconies turned me into Martin Luther
As a victim (x2) to these dream (x5) killers (x2)
You know them Freddy Kruegers
But see Elm street is too far from here
Its the hood you ain't getting Garelick Farms from here
Its more like store brand 2 percent
They took my scholarship and sent this dog through the penn
And now I'm sick and you the vet
Is it cool to vent
Who am I kidding huh?
Not a soul my first child got aborted
While I was living here daily in fear of being deported
With a daily paranoia of standing there with some lawyers like
He ain't do a crime
He was brought here as a child
And we stripped him of everything but he's keeping hope alive
With his parents watching the news to see an end to it
Till I grew numb as you can see I been through it
Could have had a car but i couldn't get a license
Never met my grandmother couldn't book a flight
Them schools were saying no and we couldn't put up a fight
And my grandmother past still couldn't book a flight
I was going through this all and I could get advice
And what that did was worst than what Joe Jackson did to Mike
Cause while my peers drove right into colleges I was tore up
He never had a childhood, I never got to grow up
Then this rapping came thats when I got my flow up
To show us
That one of us got a chance to blow up
And make it out of the struggle
Though I heard if you struggle it means that god loves you
Well he must love me a whole lot
Did I just use his name in vein I hope not
I hope to never be in vein like a dope shot
Cause I'm just racing for your love like Alfalfa in his soap box

Chorus (x2)
Now please keep a heart in mind
Please keep a heart in mind
Now please keep a heart in mind
As I follow every beat with a thought of mine