Call 2 Consciousness

Call 2 Consciousness


C2C is bringing back rock. With influences from punk, rock, and pop music, C2C is a band that can't be missed. Whether you hear them through a set of speakers or get the chance to catch one of their live shows, you are guaranteed to walk away with a lasting memory.


In a world of a million sub genres, auto tune, and endless drum loops, C2C is here to bring rock back to the forefront. The music is raw, dirty, and REAL. Finding their sound, the group has settled on making music their way, and apologizing to no one for it. Featuring Darrell Porter (vocals/guitar), Dan Cuadras (drums), and Keith Malloy (bass).
This is not a band to be missed. Once you witness them you'll feel the same way.
See a show, listen to the tracks, spread the word, because C2C is out to take over, and want to bring you along for the ride!!


I'll Drink Up

Written By: Darrell Porter

If this is what you're selling me you'll never get paid
You work for all these looks and you give them away
You're saying you're the same but it's not that way
The innocence is gone there's nothing left to say

You ask me about my memories and I say they're fading
Too many eyes on you and thats just not me

Something in the cup but it's never enough
When I put my arms around you you turn into dust
I know that you're no good for me, but ill drink up
Something in the cup but its never enough
And the candles burning quick so I don't give a fuck
I know that your no good for me, but ill drink up

You're eyes are just killing me but i'll turn away
You keep a straight stare I'll come out and play
Put back on your sweater and warm me up
They say its only once I feel I'm shit out of luck

Right On Target

Written By: Darrell Porter

There's a reason that I called you out for this
I've got a present in a bag it just wont miss
kinda nervous but I need you all to know
Try to take me away I just won't go
Please leave the room if this will offend you

Stand back this will hurt someone
Stand back this will hurt someone
I'm kinda nervous but I think they already won
Step back hear the sound of my heart
When I go away can anybody stay
Stay for me

Bite my tounge feel the cold and make a fist
The thumping of my heart everytime it hits
Tilt the camera and get the angle now
Show the world right here and this is how
Please leave the room if this will offend you

Right on target

Move On You

Written By: Darrell Porter

I know sea monkey is to ride
I'll stick around for another try
Although you're never gonna give it to me
You put this void around my face
These midnight lovers leave a bad taste
Don't think ill ever get this high again

But I know that I must go
It's gonna get harder
It'll just get harder

I know I know I won't run away
I'll be here to stay
Kelly can you inpirate me here again
to find space
Don't mind me I'll just find my way

I wasn't there when I near
It's nothing bad but it's your worst fear
To hear these words just rip right through your chains
I'm talking just to hear myself
I keep you're picture it's still on my shelf
Don't even say a word i'll just keep running my mouth

But I know that you must go
I'ts gonna get harder
It will always get harder

Our World

Written By: Darrell Porter

I picked her up on a Friday night
Let's cause a scene and get drunk tonight
Just young kids and we had no plans
Take my heart with the palm of your hands
They woke up cause they heard the sound
Of me and you kissing so damn loud
With blind eyes love was guided with feel
My legs shook now i know it's real

Girl you knocked me out

You said you want to be in love now
So baby come and get it are you willing or wasted
Love me i'll show you how
Just get in the room no one will ever find us
Out here along in our little world
You and me tonight, yeah

I picked her up at a quarter after ten
I think about those old days when
We were young and we couldn't be tame
A lots changed but she's still the same
Her pretty hair and her classy girl smile
And when we kiss it's like we havnt in awhile
Theres no other no it woudln't be the same
You're all ive got in this silly world game

Our love is never wasted
Oh, i love when you're wasted
Our love is never wasted
Oh, i love when you're wasted

Bury Me

Written By: Darrell Porter

I don't really think I want to do this anymore
I don't really think you love me much anymore
But in my dreams you're killing me
The dreams that killed our serenity
I'll take you're hand and let you go
And all this time and this is what it takes so

Bury me
Bury all the memories
I can't stand on my own feet again
Bury me
Bury all the memories
You're tangled up in my viens and im shaking you off again

I dont really think I give a shit anymore
Because the best of me is walking right out the door
And it must be hard to see it all pass by
Your dizzy eyes they look at me and ask why
I'll drink it away don't ever tell me to stay
All this time and this is what it took so


Basement Bombs
1. Shutting the Door
2. Reasons to Live
3. You Wait
4. Rome
5. Just Another Sad Story

Right On Target - EP (available on itunes)
1. I'll Drink Up
2. Right On Target
3. Move On You
4. Our World
5. Bury Me

3 Track Demo
1. Move On You
2. Our World
3. Words From You

Set List

Our sets are usually 45 minutes to and hour long, however we can play longer if needed. We usually play 7-8 originals with 1 or 2 covers mixed in.


1. Shutting the Door
2. I'll Drink Up
3. Right On Target
4. You Wait
5. Move On You
6. Spotlight
7. Celebrity
8. Rome
9. Our World
10. Bury Me

Covers (we usually rotate songs in and out, playing a couple each show)

99 Red Balloons
American Girl
My Name is Jonas