Call Before You Dig

Call Before You Dig


Call Before You Dig won't leave you wondering who farted in the elevator. We play a hybrid style of indie rock. The exact genre we play is difficult to classify, an amalgamation of influences from hip-hop, punk, and rock yet maintaining an accessible structure and direction. We achieve our sound using piano, guitar and drums when we play live, every instrument being equally as vital as the next.


Call Before You Dig began in the fall of 2008 when Ben and Jacob began playing together in Ben’s crowded basement jam space. Primarily a guitarist, Jacob took on the role of drummer while Ben switched between piano and guitar. However, they soon agreed that in order for the band to move forward they needed a drummer.

Jacob and Joel had played music together in a practice space at the University of Alberta. It quickly became clear that they had similar musical tastes and shared a passion for playing music.

In February of 2009 these three talented young musicians got together for the first time. There was an obvious chemistry from day one and after just a few jam sessions Ben remarked, “Call Before You Dig is officially a three-piece.” The wheels were set in motion and the trio began to practice together regularly, a distinct sound taking shape with each passing day.

After a busy year of recording, gigging around Edmonton and an appearance at Boonstock Music Festival, Call Before You Dig released their debut album One Way Streets on September 25, 2010. Soon after, they packed up and moved west to set up shop in Vancouver where they currently reside. Look for big things from Call Before You Dig in 2011.


Taking the Second Highway Home

Written By: Call Before You Dig

Sorry that I missed your phone call,
My hands were tangled up high.
The vibrations of my cellular device,
Combined with my next predicted step,
Attempting to just live with it.

I designed this, the perfect sentence is life.


Written By: Call Before You Dig

Gathered 'round the table for a solemn holiday,
A quick debriefing of our previous days,
And all the ways I can change.
Don’t forget about the ways I can change.
Am I seeing what I’m seeing 'cause I’m smaller than I look,
Or do I stand tall, with my knees shook?
That chip on your shoulder has turned into a crack,
That chip on your shoulder tore the bones off your back.
Now it’s freezing outside and I can see the wind it touched my eyes (x3)
Reading off the lines blindly following the words,
Everybody said this man’s the key to the world that we need.
Someone real help them please.

Malibu Didn't Make It

Written By: Call Before You Dig

I'm not really here, my face is just a re-occurring image seen,
remembered for 10 seconds, shit forgotten like last night's dream.
An abundance of stock left from years of dissent,
and we're just products of what's left from their accomplishments.

Somewhere long ago, someone turned around and saw a bullet rushing to their head.
Somewhere long ago, someone turned around and saw a bullet rushing to their head.

I can't feel shame brain, there's over-cast with light rain,
and If the sky's decide to show off they'll make lightning.
If it was up to me I'd rather split your lips,
but growing up I never had a christmas wish list.

Somewhere long ago, someone turned around and saw a bullet rushing to their head.
Somewhere long ago, someone turned around and saw a bullet rushing to their head.

I've got nine tries, I'm never too high or drunk to drive in straight lines,
so you can designate me with your lives,
hard times, just try to act sober when we're pulled over,
I'll play my religion card, officer this is hate crime OH,
turning uninspired old ways new,
hitting snooze cuz i've got nothing to do,
and staring at this thin leaf paper rolled reminds me of you back in high school,
HA HA, my god i hope you know that patience and trust were hard to mimic,
with every repeated trip to the abortion clinic,
Sending coach's to our show, he coaches the eskimos...

Pat enjoyed the show, what was up his nose,
Pat enjoyed the show, his clothes were wet from the snow,
Pat enjoyed the show, because he was on..... blow.

Somewhere long ago, someone turned around and saw a bullet rushing to their head.
Somewhere long ago, someone turned around and felt a bullet driving through their head.

Blown Smoke Through Light

Written By: Call Before You Dig

Sunk into the wooden steps that fall asleep out in the backyard,
Droppin' ears on the neighbors as they chat about the human race.
Part of me just jumped the fence and took a seat next to the old one.
Abdicated the throne from the floor, clearly distracted.

And I showed them,
That I know them well.

Showed them,
That I know them well.

One Way Streets

Written By: Call Before You Dig

Have you ever been scared of what you look like?
Your conscience surrounds you, it’s ground breaking news.
And your thoughts, they're spies, they keep hiding,
Observing the moon, from your astronaut suit.

Spent time with my god and I know,
He’s moving these fences at a pace that’s real slow,
And online sites they say keep looking,
But I think they’re lying, its something to do.

And drawing in circles was neat
Yeah it's shocking but true that we’re all growing up on our own damn two feet.
How am I supposed to know?
When this game's fucking over so we can blaze chel and go home.

Well you're always insane when your minds left to blame itself,
And these faces outside they want you to die, yeah they’ll help,
And we’re all fucked up so whose to say,
That that’s not a lane it’s a goddamn one way
Yeah we know.


"One Way Streets"
14 track debut LP
Released on September 25th 2010