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"Call Before You Dig - One Way Streets"

Rhythmic Variations of Sound strives to bring to you various flavors of music as long as they are both underground and noteworthy. Before I became heavily invested in techno, my soft spot was indie and alternative music. It is that very reason that I was glad to have the opportunity to write about Canadian band, Call Before You Dig. Call Before You Dig is not like any of those abbreviated artists; they deserve to have their name read out in its entirety. Call Before You Dig has recently released their first album through BandCamp, which is available here.

Imagine the perfect blend between an eight-minute indie instrumental and a two-minute indie implosion. The very result of such a blend is the band Call Before You Dig. While I was listening to their album, I could not help but believe that they were in fact a 23 piece band performing in an old concert hall, with the audience as dressed up as could be, while I overlooked it all with my golden binoculars. The very trip that One Way Streets brings you is both a winding and twisted journey that leaves you emotionally drained by the end of it. This album will transport you elsewhere on a Wednesday afternoon. Screw the Parental Advisory sticker, this album needs a Fasten Your Seatbelt sticker. From the vocals that leave you wide mouthed, much like a kid in a dentist chair, to the sultry sound of the multiple drum rolls throughout the album, this band is onto something huge. So what're you waiting for, scrape up a couple of dollars and buy this album for an upcoming and inspired band.

Check out and purchase the whole album below!

Call Before You Dig - One Way Streets [DWNLD]

Good luck to you guys at Call Before You Dig and remember to enjoy that Cupcake Reacharound!
- Rythmic Variations of Sound

"DOWNLOAD: Call Before You Dig’s debut LP One Way Streets"

The Alberta-born/now Vancouver-based band Call Before You Dig are barely old enough to drink, but you wouldn’t know it from their debut record One Way Streets. The LP is a ballsy 14 tracks – obviously these boys are enthusiastic, but they certainly have the chops to back it up. You can pick out some familiar sounds – Modest Mouse and WHY?, I find most prominent – but don’t pass this off as a project of pure emulation. The raw and reverb-drenched “Taking the Second Highway Home” is evidence of the band’s willingness to experiment. Overall the band clearly has a handle of interesting indie-rock and pop structures, but have a knack for foregrounding darker sounds and ideas.

Listen to the album streaming below, and if you like it head over to their bandcamp page and download the whole thing for free (just put a zero where you should be putting some actual monetary value), and hey, why not throw some money their way while you’re there?

- Dan Busheiken; The SideB presented by


"One Way Streets"
14 track debut LP
Released on September 25th 2010



Call Before You Dig began in the fall of 2008 when Ben and Jacob began playing together in Ben’s crowded basement jam space. Primarily a guitarist, Jacob took on the role of drummer while Ben switched between piano and guitar. However, they soon agreed that in order for the band to move forward they needed a drummer.

Jacob and Joel had played music together in a practice space at the University of Alberta. It quickly became clear that they had similar musical tastes and shared a passion for playing music.

In February of 2009 these three talented young musicians got together for the first time. There was an obvious chemistry from day one and after just a few jam sessions Ben remarked, “Call Before You Dig is officially a three-piece.” The wheels were set in motion and the trio began to practice together regularly, a distinct sound taking shape with each passing day.

After a busy year of recording, gigging around Edmonton and an appearance at Boonstock Music Festival, Call Before You Dig released their debut album One Way Streets on September 25, 2010. Soon after, they packed up and moved west to set up shop in Vancouver where they currently reside. Look for big things from Call Before You Dig in 2011.