Call Box

Call Box


We are 13 years old. We have been together for about a half a year. We have 9 songs. We made a demo in december at the local recording studio, which has 6 songs on it. We are gunna come up with a cfew more songs, go back to the studio and record the rest of our cd.


It all started when Ricki met Marco in 7th Grade, he was in my Language Arts class. One day Ricki told him he played guitar, and he had a studio his dad built in his garage. He told Ricki he played drums so Ricki asked him if he wanted to come over and play. He said sure why not. He came over and we jammed for hours, it was a blast. After that he started come over more and more, and eventually we started practicing a few days a week. After about a month of practicing we asked Chad to come in and play back up guitarist for us, and he was all over it. We came up with about six songs, and we had them down. So Ricki's Dad for a christmas present to the band got some time at a local recording studio, we didn't have much time but we got the songs recorded. We didn't really master for a long time, but it came out pretty good. About a month later James came in to the band which formed "Call Box". We taught him the songs then made three more songs with him. Our influences are The Offspring, Pennywise, Green Day, and Van Halen.


We havent released any singles or got any radio play.

Set List

Our typical set list is seven of our own songs mixed together, usually we throw in a cover. Our set list is normally about eight songs at about thirty minutes. We start out with our Opening song then we go into Over and Over Again, then Take Off an Run, then Toghether Again, then This life of Mine, then Sometimes, then Open My Eyes, then a cover.