Plymouth, England, GBR

Powerful, Live orientated Punk band that is influenced by many different styles of alternative music form the last 50 years


Drexl are a 4 piece punk band formed from the ashes of Quarantine in Plymouth.
Having played together for ten years the unit has developed into a tight and potent punk round sound which finds live shows the most natural place to show off their energy and delight in influences which range from Deftones to the Dead Kennedys
Currently working on a new batch of recording which will make up their debut album proper and ever on the look out for live shows the band is prepared to finally get their show on the road in this line up and begin expanding their fanbase



Written By: Muirs + Tom


It’s ok at last, to admit
We got it wrong it’s in the past
We hanker for collapse-
The hurricane and the plane crash
One last wish – so we get pissed and
Watch the world creak on its axis
Creaking on your axis

We just don’t know what we want
The TV doesn’t convince anymore
Don’t know why we used to pay
What we get for free today
And the monsoon, headline, blows

The war on drugs is over
And drugs have won
The war on drugs is over
And drugs have won


As Quarantine:

'Means to an End' 2000 (Album)

'Think of an Interesting Word and Repeat it up-tempo' 2004 (Album)

As Drexl:

'I Heard they found the Waitress in the Desert' EP 2010

'The Death of Print' TBR (mid 20011)