Calling All Stars

Calling All Stars


Calling All Stars makes music that is memorable with dynamic changes and words to stir the souls of the misguided and broken. A perfect mix of mathematics and raw emotion, the songs of Calling Alll Stars are unforgettable sing- a- longs that will have you re-living the past.


Calling All Stars is the serendipidous result of the break of 2 of the southeasts most recognized bands. Thomas Michael and Bo Bentley decided to help Jamal Hafza finish the dates that Kaizer Soze had left upon their split. In dire need of a good lead guitarist Jamal called Cason Niell from the band Roam. Remembering the talent of Cason and songwriting prowess he asked Cason to also help finish up the shows. The result numerous original songs and the fan base from all 4 members previous musical stints. The accolades of this band is the result of past lessons learned with a focus on what really matters in music....the song. The Band has recently finished recording at Southern Tracks (Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam) and is prepping for a May 2006 Release.


"White Fields" - 10 song full album released in May 2006

Set List

12 Originals-
1) Angel Eyes
2) Foreign
3) Sway
4) County Line
5) Saved!!
6) Give Up
7) Regret
8) White Fields
9) Costa Rica
10) Brace Yourself
11) Look at You
12) A Hollywood Ending

***Anything we play with the full band can be played acoustic