Calling All Stars

Calling All Stars


Calling All Stars is the perfect blend of classic and modern rock, that screams hooks on the radio when the radio occasionally gets it right. This rock quartet is the merger of members of the regionally touring bands Kaizer Soze, Roam, & Sometimes X.


Calling All Stars was formed with a chance meeting of Jamal Hafza (lead Vocals) and Cason Neill (lead Guitar) in fall of 2005. Both gentlemen were performing at a local Atlanta acoustic event and the conversation that was had, created the band. Shortly after the duo started, they recruited The General (Piano, Sax, Organ, and brother to Cason) with longtime friend Thomas Michael (touring percussionist) to build the wall of sound that they are known for today. With one long play album to their credit (White Fields) and another being pressed for release in April 2009, CAS is a sound that can be defined as “here to stay”.


1. White Fields (2006) - 10 Song Album
2. 4 Song E/P: (2/2009)
3. Blue Eye Soul (3/2010) - 13 Song Album

Set List

Original Sets Include 20 songs:
1. Sway
2. Give Up
3. Saved
4. Foreign
5. Brace Yourself
6. A Hollywood Ending
7. Drown
8. Look at You
9. Lost Vegas
10. Sonar
11. White Noise
12. Carnival
13. Waited
14. Walk Away
15. Used to Be
16. Your Life
17. Home
18. Ocean Ship
19. India Pales
20. Requiem

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