Calling Cody

Calling Cody

 Papillion, Nebraska, USA

We are awesome rock.


In a galaxy far, far away four minstrels battled for their very lives against a evil galactic empire so vast and powerful all trembled before it. But not Calling Cody. They used power chord shields and shredded their way through wave after wave of attacks from the empire. Realizing that they couldn't hold out much longer against the massive amount of forces they made a last ditch effort. They flew straight into the middle of the galactic fleet and rocked harder than anyone has ever seen. They rocked so hard, it not only destroyed the entire galactic empire, it took out their engines and sent spiraling out of control into deep space. They floated on, rocking to the space sharks and wallabies of deep space, until one day they stumbled upon a planet. A planet called Earth.


The ElectricRadBoltEP (2015)
Greatest Hits: Volume 2 (2012)