Calling Glory

Calling Glory

 Athens, Tennessee, USA

We are focused on writing Christ centered music that reflects a grateful hearts response to the gospel! We pray that through our music, listeners will be challenged to consider the cross and the sacrifice made there and what it means to us in our everyday lives!


Calling Glory has taken Independent Christian Music by storm with over 30,000 fans on Facebook and scheduled tour dates around the east coast. The band has performed with some of the largest names in Christian Music and has played at numerous east coast music’s festivals including Riverbend in Chattanooga and Ichthus Festival in Kentucky. Their professional stage appearance and unique style of Christian music inspires audiences of all ages.

The band is excited about their new album produced and recorded by Jason Hoard, lead guitarist for well known Christian band, Third Day. Don't Give Up, is the first single off the new album to hit Christian radio stations nation wide!

The four piece band started in early 2008 with one goal in mind, to write songs in response to what God has done and is doing in their lives. The band's prayer is that listeners will not only hear the gospel through their music but that those around them will also witness it at work in their own personal lives. "We hope that we can not only encourage the body of Christ, but also challenge them to go deeper in their relationship with Him" - front man Dana Potvin. Bassist Andrew Crabtree says, "We like to think of ourselves as not just a band but a worship band." And with a mission to bring heaven to earth, Calling Glory is set on advancing the Kingdom of God through music. In the fall of 2009 they released their EP Daylight and are currently working on a full length album.
The bands typical set list really depends on the venue. Calling Glory is capable of having a full concert of all originals only or a mix of current Contemporary Christians songs with the bands own originals thrown in the mix…always a crowd favorite! All members of the band are involved with their local church worship teams and so are able to stay up to date on all current Christian music.

More about the band members:
Dana Potvin - lead vocals/acoustic/piano
Originally from Nebraska, Dana interned with worship leader Darrel Evans before moving to Tennessee. Dana has lead worship for several Churches including leading worship for the Karen Wheatons "The RAMP" in Cleveland Tn.
Sam Brocato - Drums
Originally from Texas, Sam moved to Cleveland Tn. to attend Lee University and minister with Chosen and the Ramp both of which are Karen Wheaton Ministries.
Jones Beene - Lead Guitar
Originally from Tennessee, Jones attended Lee University with a focus on international business and is an active member of his local church.
Drew Crabtree - Bass
Originally from Tennessee, Drew is a recent graduate of Tennessee Wesleyan College with a degree in Music Education.
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Just A Little While

Written By: Calling Glory

Verse 1
I don't know why I end up this way
Ashes to ashes we all fall down
I'm taking you deep I'm setting you free
Just step aside and believe

Let me hold you for a little while
As you fall down just a little while
Can you feel it

Verse 2
Purpose in pain redemption in shame
Found in the depths of Your love
So don't worry now I'm bringing you light
It's always this dark before dawn

I love you

Teach Me To Love

Written By: Calling Glory

Teach Me to Love

Verse 1
I want to stop the air from leaving my lungs
I want to breathe this life into the world
I want to run this race run it hard so they see salvation
Help me to be the feet that change the world

Teach me to love the way You've loved my heart
Teach me to love a world that's falling apart
To the broken and hopeless and those that have fallen down
To look past my pride realize that You gave Your Son
You gave Your Son to teach me to love

Verse 2
I want to be Your hands be the hands that restore the hurting
I want to see the lost begin to sing
So light a fire inside let it burn in this heart that's longing
To see you move in all of those in need

You came and You died so that we could revive the world
You came and You died so that we could revive the world
Revive us bring life to us
Revive us bring life to us


Teach Me To Love - Available on iTunes & Amazon
Daylight - Available on iTunes & Amazon

Set List

Our typical set list really depends on the venue. As most of our members are on worship teams we can do all worship covers if need be. We can also do our own original songs or a mix of current praise and worship covers everyone knows with our own original songs thrown in the mix.

I'll just name a few covers we do... Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Jesus Culture, United, Brian & Jenn Johnson...