Calling Out West

Calling Out West

 Littleton, Colorado, USA

If you took a musical blender and threw in Pop drums, psychedelic-rock lead guitar, Indie-folk rhythm guitar, funk bass, and incubus-inspired vocals & harmonies, Calling Out West is what you would get. And it's not only the sound you'll love, but the personality and energy of their live performance.


Since the day music began to turn its head away from the well-known comfort of record labels and platinum album sales, Colorado’s very own Calling Out West has stayed one step ahead of the industries crumbling structure by making new rules, and conquering new boundaries. Not only has Denver seen Calling Out West selling out shows with crowds of 500 plus, but also an increase in hype and publicity of their recent EP release, titled “Apollo,” which features four of the band’s latest and greatest undefined masterpieces. With a future looking bright and motivation standing tall, Calling Out West plans to conquer new boundaries and reach new destinations using today’s technology and the world’s crave for new music.

Formed four years ago in mid-2007, Denver-based Calling Out West started off under a different name, with a different lineup. Their discography was light, consisting of two short EP’s: Proof I'm Finally Happy (2007), and Where Two Roads Meet (2008). It wasn’t until early 2009 that everything began falling in place for Max Comer (Guitar) and the Vinton brothers, Cody (bass), and Jake (vocals). With the new introduction of Mike Anderson (Guitar) and Zach Armijo (Drums), the sound of Calling Out West began to change immensely from an indie acoustic to a progressive alternative indie rock. As their music and publicity continued to incline, so did their dedication and motivation to reach new goals. By May 2010, Calling Out West had written and released their first full length titled “Short Stories,” which made a booming introduction on the Denver scene, as well as receiving great reviews from newspapers such as Denver’s Westword and Ft. Collins Music Buzz. This was the beginning to rapidly increasing numbers of dedicated local and national fan bases, increasing album sales, and a new hype in the Denver area.

Since the release of their full length, Calling Out West has played numerous notable shows with national acts such as Hawthorne Heights, HelloGoodbye, and We Shot The Moon. Early 2011 consisted of the writing and recording (conducted at the famous Blasting Room Studios of Ft. Collins) of their latest EP “Apollo,” which features four unique and tasteful tracks. Not only has Calling Out West proven themselves worthy to the supportive Denver music scene, including radio station KTCL 93.3, but they have gone above and beyond all expectations.

The most recent months for Calling Out West have consisted of the release of their EP "Apollo" as well as numerous headlining and co-headlining gigs at notable historic Colorado venues including The Gothic, The Bluebird, Summit Music Hall, and The Fox Theater; two of them sold out to crowds of 500 plus. With 2013 right around the corner, Calling Out West plans to use their current success as stepping stones to reach bigger and better goals, including a redefined single produced by Lance Bendicksen, and a full-fledged national tour. With a future looking bright and motivation standing tall, Calling Out West is determined to conquer new boundaries and reach new heights using their knowledge, dedication, and perseverance with music.


These Chemical Mixes

Written By: Calling Out West

Leaving home, and holding onto hope.
Gripped with white knuckles
so you’ll never let it go.
don’t despair, we’re almost there.
you can see it’s so damn pretty you can’t help but stare
and you don’t even care
well I’ve made a mess and spent a lot of time
to create a potion that blows your mind
and slipped it in your glass about a half an hour ago
now I can see your eyes are getting hazy and turning a little red
you say you’re feeling crazy and dizzy inside your head
I tell you you look amazing almost knocked me dead
when I saw you tonight
I know just how to make your eyes light up light up like the northern skies
so don’t delay it’s not too late
for the miracle mile run that you might have to make
so don’t look back there’s nothing left
except for old memories and artifacts

Follow You There

Written By: Calling Out West

Well lately I’ve been starting to worry
that my train has left the station
who knew I’d be in this bad situation
and I’ve been moving out on the double now
trying to find a better way out
one more shot for you to not know what I’m talking about
so love like you’ve never loved me
and breathe as if you’ve never had clean air baby
I’ll follow you there
I’d follow you anywhere
and I’ve been making steady progress on accomplishing my latest fear
so hold on tight while you’re all on the edge of your seat
reveal a set of savvy contraptions that can target upon the smallest mistake
so now I’m making ground with every single step I take
so sing like you’ve never sang it
and believe everything as if it is real
how do you feel?
well you know that you’re breaking me down
you find that it’s a better way out
try to whisper in the wind
say it to me again

Waited My Whole Life

Written By: Calling Out West

looks like the light has just collided with Apollo
so follow me out onto the brink the brink
no time for you to think
just move back into the lowering horizon
you were the one to run off into the horizon
cause I got out
like you never thought I could
look at me now
I am doing so damn good
and I’m like
you can’t deny, waited my whole life
to discover exactly what works right
and I left you so far behind
so wait with me like roman pillar architecture
and wait and see if the light lights up
so we can go and catch her
I’m like whoa-oh
I’m always on the run
all about number one here like
so close to being done just holdin out for the sun to rise


Written By: Calling Out West

where have you been
its been so long since I’ve seen you around
so take my hand
and I can take you there
to that place you’ve been imagining inside your head
so let it shine
let it shine
yeah this little light of mine could change the world
and we were riding on golden windows of opportunity
to let it pass by well that wouldn’t be right
to let you walk right over me
the bottom drops out as we build back up
and I want everyone to see
that maybe by tonight I can make things right
and let you walk right over me
and in the sand
you draw your battle plans
with your miniature army men
now make your stand
and it might take you there
to that place you’ve been imagining inside your head


Short Stories (2010) LP
1.) Commotion
2.) Bag of Tricks
3.) Watch The Ocean
4.) The Answer
5.) What I Wanted
6.) Hip Jive (Local radio air play: KTCL93.3,
Alice105.9, Hot107.1)(Various Online
7.) This Side of The Bridge
8.) Roger and The Gang
9.) Fade Away
10.) Where I Belong
11.) Calling Out
12.) Mountain Valley Shine (KTCL 93.3)

For Apollo (2011) EP
1.) Julianne
2.) These Chemical Mixes (KTCL 93.3, krxp 103.9, ALICE 105.9)
3.) Waited My Whole Life (KTCL 93.3)
4.) Follow You There

Set List

Includes a fun-filled list of very energetic songs, which changes every show!