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Littleton, Colorado, United States | SELF

Littleton, Colorado, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock




"Calling out West @ The Gothic"

I am ashamed to say that this was the first time I had been to one of their concerts,
but now I do believe I will go to every one that I can. They are humble and yet when they
are on stage they demand attention. Their sound is fantastic and they are full of
energy and potential. One thing that set them apart was their “intermission” which was a
clip from Star Wars, it was EPIC and something I have never seen before.
I see them going far.

The Band is comprised of 5 members: Jake, Cody, Max, Mike and Zach.
These guys produce such a great sound together – it all flows really well. Their music is very
upbeat and they hold a unique sound. Jake has an addictive voice, and his
energy is contagious.

While listening to their new EP “Apollo” , I was blown away at how great everything
sounded. It is one of those CDs that i can put on repeat and I never really tire of. I
cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us next.

You can listen to them at
or go and buy it on iTunes!

“Enveloped in every beat
moving stomping
planted feet
longing, longing
for just one more song”
-Kyra Fellows
- Kyra Fellows - iliveinbeauty

"Calling Out West supports Day Without Hate"

The images here are of a band named Calling Out West. The band is made up of current and former students from Columbine and Chatfield High Schools. They performed at the “Day Without Hate” rally at the North Area Athletic Complex in Arvada. Basically the idea behind the “Day Without Hate” is to bring high school students closer together in the wake of the seemingly never ending school shootings and bullying that infects schools in the U.S. right now. Its a good cause and is now district wide. - Evergreen Newspaper

"Calling Out West brings its new sound to the Gothic this weekend"

Reinvention has come relatively quickly for the members of Calling Out West. In 2009, the trio of guitarist Max Comer, bassist Cody Vinton and vocalist/drummer Jake Vinton expanded the band then known as the Side Project, adding guitarist Mike Anderson and drummer Zach Armijo. Starting with 2010's eleven-song release Short Stories, the newly branded Calling Out West set about broadening its sound, shifting from more melodic balladry to heavier, guitar-laden pop rock. We spoke with Armijo about the changes in the band's musical approach and its upcoming release, the four-track EP Apollo, recorded at the Blasting Room.

Sean Mullins

If you can't tell, the Calling Out West dudes are all kinds of stoked about their new record.


Calling Out West CD-release show, with Viretta, Medic, and the Fairgrounds, 8 p.m. Friday, May 18, Gothic Theatre, 3263 South Broadway, Englewood, $10-$12, 303-788-0984.

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More About

Zach Armijo
Mike Anderson
EP Apollo
Jake Vinton
Fort Collins

Westword: Can you explain how the group's musical approach has changed since you and Mike Anderson joined in 2009?

Zach Armijo: The Side Project was calmer, and it was a lot less guitar. It was more melodies and calmer stuff. Since Mike and I have joined, the guitars have picked up, and it's added a lot more depth to the music we can write.

How many tracks did you play on 2010's Short Stories?

It was basically right before I joined the band. I recorded two songs on there. That CD was the official push for the band to be something that it wasn't before. It was recorded at Eight Houses Down in downtown Denver, and the last song — "Mountain Valley Shine" — had some production error; it only had 23 seconds of the song on it. But that record helped get us locally known in the music scene. I know we're not really big or anything, but it's still a shock when I hear that people know about my band. That's the time that our style really changed.

Was the approach to writing and recording fairly different for the upcoming EP?

We recorded it at the Blasting Room in Fort Collins; we worked with Rise Against engineer Andrew Berlin. To have everything come out sounding exactly how we wanted it to was awesome. It's only a four-track EP, but the production is way through the roof from our full-length. It took a year to put together. It was just a whole new writing process for us.

It was five guys writing the songs together and making it what the band is about now, putting all our input on what we wanted the songs to be. It was just basically going from three minds put together to five minds put together. In my opinion, it was the final step assimilating into the band. I think we're pretty set on recording in the Blasting Room from now on.

Do you have further plans for summer touring or more releases?

We're hoping to set up a tour toward the end of summer, trying to get our name out in more than just Colorado. We're planning on making a two-part CD: We'll have Apollo, and then we'll have the second part, the second EP. We'll just have to decide what songs we have to record, but we'll have the tracks recorded within the next year.
- WestWord


Short Stories (2010) LP
1.) Commotion
2.) Bag of Tricks
3.) Watch The Ocean
4.) The Answer
5.) What I Wanted
6.) Hip Jive (Local radio air play: KTCL93.3,
Alice105.9, Hot107.1)(Various Online
7.) This Side of The Bridge
8.) Roger and The Gang
9.) Fade Away
10.) Where I Belong
11.) Calling Out
12.) Mountain Valley Shine (KTCL 93.3)

For Apollo (2011) EP
1.) Julianne
2.) These Chemical Mixes (KTCL 93.3, krxp 103.9, ALICE 105.9)
3.) Waited My Whole Life (KTCL 93.3)
4.) Follow You There



Since the day music began to turn its head away from the well-known comfort of record labels and platinum album sales, Colorado’s very own Calling Out West has stayed one step ahead of the industries crumbling structure by making new rules, and conquering new boundaries. Not only has Denver seen Calling Out West selling out shows with crowds of 500 plus, but also an increase in hype and publicity of their recent EP release, titled “Apollo,” which features four of the band’s latest and greatest undefined masterpieces. With a future looking bright and motivation standing tall, Calling Out West plans to conquer new boundaries and reach new destinations using today’s technology and the world’s crave for new music.

Formed four years ago in mid-2007, Denver-based Calling Out West started off under a different name, with a different lineup. Their discography was light, consisting of two short EP’s: Proof I'm Finally Happy (2007), and Where Two Roads Meet (2008). It wasn’t until early 2009 that everything began falling in place for Max Comer (Guitar) and the Vinton brothers, Cody (bass), and Jake (vocals). With the new introduction of Mike Anderson (Guitar) and Zach Armijo (Drums), the sound of Calling Out West began to change immensely from an indie acoustic to a progressive alternative indie rock. As their music and publicity continued to incline, so did their dedication and motivation to reach new goals. By May 2010, Calling Out West had written and released their first full length titled “Short Stories,” which made a booming introduction on the Denver scene, as well as receiving great reviews from newspapers such as Denver’s Westword and Ft. Collins Music Buzz. This was the beginning to rapidly increasing numbers of dedicated local and national fan bases, increasing album sales, and a new hype in the Denver area.

Since the release of their full length, Calling Out West has played numerous notable shows with national acts such as Hawthorne Heights, HelloGoodbye, and We Shot The Moon. Early 2011 consisted of the writing and recording (conducted at the famous Blasting Room Studios of Ft. Collins) of their latest EP “Apollo,” which features four unique and tasteful tracks. Not only has Calling Out West proven themselves worthy to the supportive Denver music scene, including radio station KTCL 93.3, but they have gone above and beyond all expectations.

The most recent months for Calling Out West have consisted of the release of their EP "Apollo" as well as numerous headlining and co-headlining gigs at notable historic Colorado venues including The Gothic, The Bluebird, Summit Music Hall, and The Fox Theater; two of them sold out to crowds of 500 plus. With 2013 right around the corner, Calling Out West plans to use their current success as stepping stones to reach bigger and better goals, including a redefined single produced by Lance Bendicksen, and a full-fledged national tour. With a future looking bright and motivation standing tall, Calling Out West is determined to conquer new boundaries and reach new heights using their knowledge, dedication, and perseverance with music.