Call Me Lightning

Call Me Lightning


Spastic guitars/driving no wave rythms. The sound brings together the more frantic moments of THE TALKING HEADS' early days with the freak-out riffs and wild vocal style of THE JESUS LIZARD. Throw in some lyric styling reminicent of THE MINUTEMEN and you have a powerful combination.


The three members (Nathan, Bill, and Shane) of CALL ME LIGHTNING have been friends for nearly ten years. Having cut their teeth in the Milwaukee punk/hardcore scene (ex members of: HERO OF A HUNDRED FIGHTS, AKARSO, MANAGRA, and HAYMARKET RIOT), the friends decided it was time to start something new together. The result is CALL ME LIGHTNING.


-Full length cd due Jan 07 on French Kiss Records
-Full length cd out on Revelation Records
-Split 7" w/ TemperTemper on Forge Again Records
-Streaming audio on and

Set List

Typical set list 30-45 minutes. 7-10 songs per set. no covers.